Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen

Public sauna

The park by the harbor in Gothenburg with its sauna and bath

Jubilee Park is probably best known for its public sauna ”Svettekôrka” but also for its relaxed location down by the water in Frihamhamnen. It feels a bit luxurious to swim in a salt water pool ”Pöl Harbour” inside the harbor in Gothenburg. There is also a large playground for the children, "The nose in the wet" and a fun feature every year is the sailing school for the children.

All their activities are free for everyone!


The park is best known for its pool and sauna which are free for all!

The park is part of Frihamnen's new look, which is on its way to becoming an environmentally friendly downtown district. The plans are to connect Centrala Hisingen with Gothenburg's city and it has come a long way towards the goal. The park received the prestigious prize, the Siena Prize 2018. The Siena Prize is an award that has been awarded since 1987 to promote a good outdoor environment. It is the architect and the object that are awarded the prize.

Previously, GKSS had a sailing school in Frihamnen on the site. After that came a sandy beach, wooden decks and eventually the public sauna was built and opened in 2015 and also the outdoor pool in the same year.

Development of the park
The anniversary park is being developed in collaboration between the park and nature administration, the city planning office and Älvstranden Utveckling.

The highlights in Jubileumsparken
The highlights are of course the activities that belong to the water. Like sunbathing on the sundeck, riding the optimist dinghies, bathing in the "Pöl Harbour" pool bath, sitting in the "Allmänna sauna" or "Svettekörka" as it is also called. For the children who don't want to be in water, they can play on the playground "Nesan i blöt". There is also water to play with and some things to climb in. Don't miss their large playground for the children.

Public sauna
The sauna began to be built in September 2014. The building is fascinating with 12,000 recycled glass bottles that make up the walls of the changing rooms. The facade consists of recycled sheet metal. The sauna is placed four meters above the water and accommodates about 20 people. The sauna opened on February 18, 2015. In September 2015, the sauna was nominated for the Kasper Salin prize for Sweden's best building 2015.

The sauna is temporarily closed, due to mold the sauna will be demolished and replaced by a new one in the spring of 2024.

Get to Jubileumsparken
Jubileumsparken is located in Frihamnen. You are within walking distance of Backaplan and Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen. If you want to get there from the city, you can cross the Hisingbron.

Address: Frihamnen 7, 417 55 Göteborg

Map - Jubileumsparken