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Attractions in Gothenburg

Popular sights and attractions in Gothenburg.

In the list below, we present in-depth guides to various sights and attractions in Gothenburg. If you are staying over in Gothenburg, it is good to book your accommodation before you arrive in Gothenburg.

To experience in Gothenburg
Gothenburg has a history that stretches back 400 years. In 2023, we celebrated a somewhat belated 400-year anniversary because the city was founded in 1621. In the city you can visit the two defensive redoubts that were built at the end of the 17th century by Erik Dahlbergh, Skansen Kronan och Skansen Lejonet. If you wish to see Gothenburg from the water, an excursion is recommended Paddan boat tours or a archipelago cruise during the summer season.

In Gothenburg every year, in addition to the various sights, you can experience the following events: Way Out West, Göteborgsvarvet, Westpride and Gothia Cup. Gothenburg has a few parks you can visit and most are different museum. Some museums that stand out a little extra are the Museum of Natural History and the Maritime Museum. Other fun places to visit with the family are of course, Liseberg and Universeum.

Below you will find some guides to sights in Gothenburg

Avenyn ithe mainstreet in Gothenburg


Gothenburg's main street, which stretches from Kungsportsbron at Vallgraven in a southeasterly direction up to Götaplatsen. Here you will find many different shops and restaurants.

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Liseberg the amusementpark in Gothenburg


The amusement park in the middle of town with roller coasters and numerous other rides..

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Kronhuset the Crown House in Gotheburg


The Crown House was built in 1642-54 in the Dutch style. It is one of Gothenburg's oldest buildings. The house is today a bit sandwiched between other houses no more than 5 minutes from Gustav Adolfs torg.

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sales halls in Gothenburg

Sales halls

In Gothenburg's sales halls you can shop for local goods and eat well. Since the end of the 19th century, it has been traded in the various market halls in Gothenburg.

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Jubileumsparken in Gothenburg


Jubileumsparken with its bath and playgrounds for the children.

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Skansen Crown/Kronan in Gothenburg

Skansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan was built starting on 9 June 1687. Feel free to visit the historic fort.

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Poseidon in Gothenburg located at the top of the street Avenyn


In Gothenburg he stands at the top of the parade street Avenyn, Carl Mille's "Poseidon" was placed in the tub in 1931.

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Fiskekyrkan in Gothenburg


The fishing church in Gothenburg was already inaugurated in 1874. In the fishing church you can buy fish and eat good fish.

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Skansen Lion- Lejon in Gotheburg

Skansen Lejonet

Since 1689, Skansen Lion has guarded Gothenburg.

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Tha ship Barken Viking in Gothenburg

Barken Viking

Feel free to visit Barken Viking in the harbour. She is a four-masted barque from 1906.

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Gustav Adolfs Torg in Gothenburg

Gustav Adolfs Torg

Gustav II Adolf points down at the city of Gothenburg from his horse in the middle of Gustav Adolfs Torg. "here shall be the city.."

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The Gothenburg Opera House in Gothenburg

The Gothenburg Opera House

The opera house in Gothenburg was completed in 1994 and today you can see operas in the magnificent building by the water.

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Röda Sten i Göteborg

Röda Sten

Visit the Röda Sten area under the Älvsborg Bridge. Culture, a red stone on the outside and restaurant in the building.

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Älvsborgs Fästning i Göteborg

Nya Älvsborgs Fästning

New Älvsborg Fortress has existed in the harbor entrance since the mid-17th century.

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Stora Teatern i Göteborg

Stora Teatern

The theater was inaugurated on 15 September 1859 and you will find it in the middle of town.

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The Port of Gothenburg

The Port of Gothenburg

The Port of Gothenburg has a long history in Gothenburg. Shipyards, industry and buildings.

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The Cathedral in Gothenburg


The cathedral was inaugurated on 21 May 1815 and stands nicely in the middle of town on Kungsgatan.

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The Central Station in Gothenburg

The Central Station in Gothenburg

The central station was inaugurated in 1858 and trains arrive and depart here.

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