Gothenburg Facts

Little London - Sweden's second largest urban area

Gothenburg - The city on the West Coast

Here are some different facts about Gothenburg that are a bit of fun to read before your visit to the city. Greater Gothenburg has approximately 1,070,000 inhabitants. Gothenburg is located on the west coast and is situated on both sides of the Göta river at the mouth of the river in the Kattegatt. Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by Gustav II Adolf.

Gothenburg is also called "Little London", because in the 19th century Gothenburg was industrialized to a large extent by immigrated Scottish and English businessmen. Gothenburg had great trade across the North Sea with Great Britain during this time.. Many of the English and Scots became wealthy such as Carnegie, Chalmers, Chapman, Dickson, Hall and Keiller. They donated, among other things, their fortunes which meant that Gothenburg got a library, university and hospital. They left a big mark on the city and hence the name "Little London".

Swedish kronor (SEK) and the language is Swedish.

Gothenburg was founded in 1621

Gothenburg was founded

Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by Gustav II Adolf. According to the myth, he is said to have said "Here shall the city lie" when he founded today's Gothenburg. There is a statue of Gustav Adolf with his "pointing finger" which symbolizes the myth, "here shall the city lie" of course on Gustav Adolfs Torg in Gothenburg. The city turns 400 in 2021, but the celebration has been moved to 2023 due to the pandemic that took place between 2020 and 2022.

Transfer Gothenburg

Airport transfer

There are different ways to get to and from Gothenburg Airport, Landvetter. Both buses and private transfers run from the airport.

Emergency in Gothenburg


Call 112 when you need emergency help and when there is danger to life, property or the environment. The emergency number 112 is for those who need immediate help from, for example, the police, emergency services or ambulance.

114 14 is the number you should call when you have matters for the Police that are not urgent. 113 13 you call in the event of accidents and crises.

Airport in Gothenburg

Airport in Gothenburg

There is an airport in Gothenburg: Landvetter airport (approx. 24.4 kilometers from Gothenburg). From Landvetter you go by bus, private transfer or taxi.

There are different ways to get from Landvetter Airport. You can choose between taxi, private transfer or bus from Landvetter.

Tourist information in Gothenburg

Tourist information in Gothenburg

Feel free to download materials and talk to the staff at the Tourist Offices in Gothenburg. What's happening in Gothenburg when you're there?

There are a few different tourist offices in Gothenburg. One is not too far from Avenyn, Gothenburg's Tourist Office at Kungsportsplatsen 2. You can also find a tourist office inside Nordstan.

Gothenburg archipelago facts

Gothenburg archipelago facts

Outside Gothenburg lies the beautiful archipelago, which is divided into the northern and southern archipelago. What about Donsö, Knarrholmen, Köpstadsö, Asperö, Brännö, Fotö and others.

On a visit to the islands in the archipelago, you can hike, sleep over, eat well, swim and enjoy nature and paddle.

Boat trips in the Archipelago

We collaborate with Strömma with our boat trips in the archipelago.

Paddan tours in Gothenburg

Paddan tours

A famous tourist destination in Gothenburg is to go through the city of Gothenburg with the Paddan boats.

Go by boat with Paddan in the canals of Gothenburg and learn about Gothenburg's history at the same time.

Go Gothenburg Pass


A Gothenburg tourist card filled with free admission!

With a Go City Gothenburg Pass you can discover Gothenburg at a discounted price. This Gothenburg card is filled with entrances to sights, museums and sightseeing. You pay a fixed price for the card that is valid for different numbers of days: 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. Visit as many attractions as you can of all that is included.

More info about Go City Gothenburg Pass

Free admission and sightseeing:

Paddan tour


Goteborg City Museum

Bohus Fortress



Gunnebo House

Boat- and Bus tours

Several different museums in Gothenburg

Many museums

In Gothenburg you can visit several different museums. Don't miss the "Sjöfartsmuseet" with its focus on the sea and with its large aquarium.

Another museum with lots of stuffed animals from around the world is the "Natural History Museum".

See which museum you can visit in Gothenburg!

Liseberg Gothenburg's amusement park


No one have missed that Liseberg is in Gothenburg. The amusement park with roller coasters, restaurants and many other rides.

The avenue in Gothenburg Paradgatan


Paradgatan in Gothenburg is Avenyn. Here you will find shops, restaurants and most of all Poseidon at the top of the street.

Gothenburg's oldest house that is not a residence


The Crown House is not far away Gustav Adolfs Torg and is Gothenburg's oldest house that is not a residence. Kronhuset was built in 1642-54.

On the site you will find the western crown house sheds and the eastern sheds. It feels like walking into history just staying at the place. A tip: don't miss the shop with lots of candies, Göteborgs Chocklad and Karamellfabrik.

During christmas is the place cozy to visit.


You can choose from different types of accommodation in Gothenburg ranging from luxury hotels to hostels. Maybe you want a hotel with a pool or the most important thing is that it is close to a special place in Gothenburg.

We work with where you can easily book your hotel in Gothenburg. You also have free cancellation at selected hotels.

Popular areas in Goteborg:

Hotels close to central Goteborg

Hotels close to Liseberg

Hotels in Majorna

Hotels close to Nya Ullevi

Hotels close to Scandinavium

Hotels close to Goteborg Central Station

Haga in Gothenburg


Most duration to "Gamla stan" in Stockholm, Haga is in Gothenburg. It is Gothenburg's oldest district with cobblestones and cozy cafés, interior design shops, shops and restaurants. You walk past the fine historic wooden houses that were built between 1870 and 1940.

The area is the main street Haga Nygata which stretches from Vasastan at one end and at the other side the street faces the Linnéstaden area. One of Gothenburg's famous cafes is located on the main street with its famous BIG cinnamon buns, Café Husaren on Haga Nygata.

Every year, a Christmas market is organized at Haga Nygata at Christmas. At a cross street from Haga Nygata you look up to one of the fortifications in the city, Skansen Kronan. Skansen Kronan is located on Skansberget.

Ullevi Arena in Gothenburg


At the Ullevi arena in Gothenburg, football, athletics are played, and during the summer there are often concerts at the venue.