Restaurants in Gothenburg

Eat a nice dinner in Gothenburg

Eating out is good and cozy in Gothenburg!

In Gothenburg, there are several mixed restaurants. How about organic, vegetarian, grilled, Asian, etc..
In Gothenburg you can eat wonderful seafood considering the proximity to the sea but also meat, juicy burgers, pizzas, pasta, Thai food, vegetarian, Italian and much more.

Here we have collected some of the restaurants offered in Gothenburg.

Meat and Grill restaurants

Below are some restaurants with a focus on steakhouses with grilled meat and burgers in Gothenburg.

The Barn hamburgare Restaurang Göteborg

The Barn

Here you eat burgers and "weeds". What is Weed? Check out their menu. How about simply good burgers! For those of you who love the American way, take a milkshake with the food. If you do not feel like burgers, have a drink in their bar and order a plate of cheese.

Address: Kyrkogatan 11. Picture: Foto: The Barn

Texas Långhårn restaurang

Texas Långhorn

How about grilled entrecote, hamburger (100% Swedish meat) or some grilled good fish. You can also choose between small dishes and do not miss their good dips!

Address: Linnégatan 78. Picture: Texas Långhorn

Prime Grill Restaurang

The Prime Grill

In the middle of the Avenue you can visit The Prime Grill. Here, fish, meat and vegetables are grilled over an open fire on skewers. In addition to barbecue dishes, stews are also served.

Address: Kungsportsavenyn 5. Picture: The Prime Grill

The Goods Basement Restaurang Göteborg

The Goods Basement

Try the simple burgers with smashat Black Angus meat, potato bread and cheese imported from the USA. All dressing is done in the restaurant and each hamburger is rolled and pressed by hand.

Address: Lorensbergsgatan 6. Picture: The Goods Basement

Tugg Burgers Göteborg

Tugg Burgers

At Tugg Burgers, there are nice burgers on meat from selected farms. There are also vegetarian and vegan burgers.

Address: Drottninggatan 21. Picture: Tugg Burger

Blackstone Steakhouse Göteborg

Blackstone Steakhouse Gothenburg

Visit a steakhouse where the main courses are served on red lava stone. Of course meat is served and there is also pizza and fish on the menu. The children also have their own menu.

Address: Kungstorget 3. Picture: Blackstone Steakhouse

Pivo Restaurang Göteborg

Pivo - Restaurant with wild meat

Eat sustainable food from our animals in the forest. You eat meat from moose, deer, wild boar, etc. The food is free of antibiotics and concentrates. There is also fish on the menu. In their garden you can play boules outdoors.

Address: Arkivgatan 9

Brasa Restaurang Göteborg

Restaurant Brasa

Visit the Brazilian restaurant with traditional Brazilian churrascaria! The meat is prepared on a skewer over an open fire, then it is sliced directly on your plate. A different and nice way to be served your dinner.

Address: Odinsgatan 11. Picture: Brasa

Italian restaurants

Below are some restaurants focusing on Italian food in Gothenburg. How about pizza, pasta, antipasti, mozzarella etc

La Strega italiensk restaurang

Trattoria La Strega

Here you eat the same Italian food that you find in a trattoria in Lombardia, Piedmont or Triveneto. Italian food from Northern Italy.

Address: Ascherbergsgatan 23B. Picture: La Strega

Magazzino restaurang Göteborg


Welcome to a classic Italian restaurant. Their raw materials have a quality designation for products of Italian origin.

Address: Magasingatan 3 Picture: Magazzino

Angelos restaurang Göteborg


Visit the Italian restaurant where you can eat Pizza, Pasta, Vegetarian, Tapas or luxury seafood. The restaurant has extensive experience in delivering Mediterranean food.

Address: Kungsportsavenyn 5

Picolla Italia Göteborg

Piccola Italia

Visit the Italian restaurant on Linnegatan in Gothenburg. Here you can enjoy antipasti, risotto and pasta dishes, small dishes and snacks, delicious charcuterie trays, etc..

Address: Nordenskiöldsgatan 21. Picture: Piccola

Benne restaurang Göteborg


Visit the restaurant that makes awesome homemade pasta. Not only pasta but also other good dishes.

Address: Skanstorget 3 and in more places in Gothenburg. Picture: Benne

Dirty Dough Pizza Göteborg

Dirty Dough

Are you hungry for pizza? Visit Dirty Dough. They serve today's pizza, antipasti, taglieri, children's specials etc..

Address: Lindholmshamen 30.

Nonna Italiensk restaurang

Dalla Nonna Trattoria

Here you are served Italian food in Grandma's spirit. You are served several different dishes on platters and you each get a plate. Do you want to share the food or do you simply want to eat your own..

Address: Kungsgatan 12. Picture: Nonna

Fontana di Trevi restaurang Göteborg

Fontana di Trevi

isit the cozy restaurant with food inspired by several generations. Do not miss their fresh pasta dishes and their antipasti. For dessert, you can enjoy their homemade tiramisu.

Address: Kungsgatan 6B. Picture: Fontana Di Trevi

Greek restaurants

Below are some restaurants focusing on Greek food in Gothenburg. How about moussaka, gyros, souvlaki, bifteki etc.

Restaurang Mykonos Göteborg

Taverna Mykonos

How about Greek food with moussaka, salad with tomato, tzatziki, onion and pepperoni. Good skewers, gyros etc.

Address: Linnegatan 58. Picture: Taverna Mykonos

Taverna Sirtaki Göteborg

Taverna Sirtaki

Welcome to a traditional restaurant in Gothenburg where Greek dishes have been served for many years. How about homemade char-grilled meats and fish dishes.

Address: Lilla Kungsgatan 1. Picture: Taverna Sirtaki

Meat the Greek restaurang i Göteborg

Meat the Greek

Enjoy directly imported goods from Greece at Meat the Greek. How about barbecue mix, chicken skewers, gyros etc.

Address: Skanstorget 3. Picture: Meat the Greek

Gyroskungen Restaurang Göteborg


How about authentic Greek street food where their specialty is gyros. You will find the restaurant behind the stop "chapmans torg".

Address: Karl Johansgatan 51. Picture: Gyroskungen

Restaurang Athena i Göteborg


Eat your fill of Greek food. The restaurant also offers calamares, tiger prawns, buffalo wings etc.

Address: Engelbrektsgatan 53

Asian restaurants

Below are some restaurants focusing on Asian food in Gothenburg. How about meat, yakiniku, bibimbap, noodles, sushi etc.

Waka Yama Asiatiskt restaurang

Waka Yama

The restaurant specializes in Korean and Japanese dishes. The restaurant is family owned and they want to teach you how to eat in Asia. You like to sit for a long time and eat and share the food.

Address: Kungstorget 3. Picture: Waka Yama

Restaurang Vi Viet Göteborg

Restaurang Vi Viet

Food from Vietnam. Here you can try different dishes in the traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Address: Erik Dahlbergsgatan 20. Picture: Restaurang Vi Viet

Meat the Greek restaurang i Göteborg

Moon Thai Kitchen

Visit the Thai restaurant with good Thai food. It feels like you have come to Thailand when you enter the restaurant.

Address: Kristinelundsgatan 9. Picture: Moon Thai Kitchen

Samui Thai Kitchen Restaurang

Samui Thai Kitchen

Eat Thai food in the basement. You can request the strength you want in the food. Enjoy food from Thailand with coconut milk, red and green curry, bamboo shoots etc.

Address: Engelbrektsgatan 51, Picture: Samui Thai Kitchen

Vegetarian restaurants

Below are some restaurants focusing on Asian food in Gothenburg. How about meat, yakiniku, bibimbap, noodles, sushi etc.

Waka Yama Asiatiskt restaurang


Visit the Japanese restaurant "Ramen-Ya". Noodle soup dishes with fresh homemade noodles are served there. The soup is prepared for twelve hours!

Address: Linnéplatsen 4. Picture: Ramen Ya

Solrosen vegetarisk restaurang Göteborg


Visit the vegetarian restaurant in the Haga district. Sunflower is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Gothenburg. Vegan and gluten-free dishes are also served.

Address: Kaponjärgatan 4 A. Picture: Solrosen

Govindas vegetarisk restaurang i Göteborg


Vegetarian food with a focus on India. Good Indian vegetarian food. For each meal, the following are included: Strong fruit chutney, Indian yogurt drink (mangolassi), homemade bread, salad and basmati rice.

Address: Karl Johansgatan 57. Picture: Govindas

Syster Marmelad i Göteborg

Syster Marmelad

In the restaurant, one ingredient at a time is put in focus on the plate. The focus of the vegetarian cuisine is very much on vegetables.

Address: Mariagatan 16. Picture: Syster Marmelad

Restaurants on Hisingen

Below we present some restaurants that you can visit in Hisingen.

Restaurang Divan Hisingen Göteborg

Restaurang Divan

Visit the Turkish / Oriental restaurant at Hisingen. The restaurant seats more than 150 people. There is an outdoor terrace in the summer.

Address: Nordanvindsgatan 2 B (Wieselgrensplatsen) Picture: Restaurang Divan

Edas Pizzeria Hisingen Göteborg

Edas Pizzeria

Visit the Pizza, Grill and Kebab restaurant at Hisingen. How about kebab roll, chicken roll, several different pizzas, burgers, lasagna and different salads.

Address: Katrinerovägen 2a. Picture: Edas Pizzeria

Da Bello Entocea på Hisingen


Food from Italy is on the menu. The ingredients come directly from their own delicatessen. Try their wine and grappa.

Address: Jöns Rundbäcks Plats 4. Picture: Enoteca

Restaurants a little higher up

Below we present some restaurants that are a little higher up.

Takterass Henriksberg i Göteborg

Henriksberg Takterass

Visit the historic Henriksberg in Gothenburg. Henriksberg was founded in 1874. Perhaps best known as a pub but they also have a restaurant in the house. Feel free to visit their roof terrace and glass veranda. An absolutely fantastic view of the harbor entrance.

Address: Stigbergsliden 7. Picture: Henriksberg

Hotel Riverton Göteborg

Hotel Riverton

On the 12th floor you can enjoy dinner and at the same time have a fantastic view of the harbor entrance. The restaurant is located in their sky bar on the 12th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows. There is also a restaurant on the ground floor.

Address: Stora Badhusgatan 26. Picture: Hotel Riverton

Restaurang Pigalle Göteoborg


Do not miss Pigalle's roof terrace. It is open every day. During the summer, it is really cozy to sit up among the rooftops.

Address: Södra Hamngatan 2A. Picure: Pigalle

Heaven 23 Räkmacka King Size i Göteborg

Heaven 23

In Hotel Gothia Tower you take the elevator up to the 23rd floor. Here you can eat well or just have a drink at the bar. Heaven 23 opened in 2001. The view up here is absolutely enormous, you look out over Liseberg and the rest of the city. They are known for their good King Size Shrimp Sandwich .... make sure and be hungry when you come here. The King Size sandwich was introduced as early as 1984 when Hotel Gothia opened. It has been on the menu ever since. In May 2009, the millionth sandwich was sold! If you do not want a shrimp sandwich, you can choose from good fish and meat dishes and have a good time with the coffee .... yes, there are some to choose from.

Address: Mässansgata 24 (opposite Liseberg) Picture: Heaven 23

Restaurants with entertainment

Below we present some restaurants that include entertainment. How about boules, billiards or bowling.

Restaurang BP Brasseri Biljardpalatset i Göteborg


Visit Biljardpalatset and play billiards, shuffleboard and darts. At the Billiards Palace you can dine in their own BP Brasserie restaurant. They have their own wine cellar with 200 unique wines. Do not miss their drinks in their bar which delivers cocktails at a really high level.

Address: Ekelundsgatan 11. Picture: Biljardpalatset

Boulebar i  Göteborg


Visit Boulebar at Rosenlund. Play boules with your friends or family. Here you can eat French-inspired food or how about brunch.

Address: Rosenlundsgatan 8.

Restaurang Pigalle Göteoborg

Star Bowling

Play bowling one day or evening with your friends. Dine in their Steak House restaurant, which serves lunch and à la carte.

Address: Odinsgatan 8.

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