Getting around in Goteborg

What is the best way to get around Gothenburg?

How to get around the city of Gothenburg in Sweden!

Goteborg is a walkable city and getting around is very easy. Many attractions are within walking distance of each other. If you don't want to walk you can get around with bus, tram, ferry, electric scooter, taxi, bicycle and rental car. You can also take your own car.

The price to park a car in Goteborg is quite high. There are several parking spaces around town. The easiest way to get around with the buses, trams and ferry is to download the app "Västtrafik To Go". This is the official app for the Gothenburg public transport. During the Summer you can also go by Hop-on/Hop-off bus and Hop-on/Hop-off boat in the center of Gothenburg. The ferry will take you over the Göta River. This is a nice tour where you get to see Goteborg from the water. Cycling around Gothenburg is also a wonderful experience. If you don't have your own bike, you can always borrow / rent one via "Styr och Ställ". You can find them in several different places around Gothenburg.

Walk around in Gothenburg

By foot

As always when walking, bring a good pair of walking shoes. If you have forgotten them, there are always shops to shop in.... Most of the inner city is within walking distance. Get yourself a good map and then it's just off you go!

Good walking-friendly areas to see a bit of the city include: The Avenue, where you are close to, among other things, Poseidon and the Art Museum. If you make it to Majorna to see part of the old "quarters", you are close to Skansen Kronan, Linneplatsen and a little further away you have the green area Slottsskogen.

Here you will find a good map of Gothenburg »
Get around Gothenburg by tram


Since 1879, Gothenburg has had tram traffic. From the very beginning they were actually drawn by horse, it wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century that the trams got electricity.

There are several lines to choose from that take you to different neighborhoods and within the central parts of Gothenburg. At each stop you will find a map of the city and where the lines go.

Just be careful when crossing the streets, because the trams whiz by at a good speed!

Every summer you can also see old trams going around the city. They are dusted off and polished every year, the oldest carriage is from 1902.

Tickets and maps

You can easily buy the ticket in Västtrafiks "To Go" App. The app also has maps.

Pay for parking in Gothenburg with the app

Parking in Gothenburg

In several different places in Gothenburg there are different sizes parking spaces and parking garages. Look for a parking space and see how much it costs. You pay easily with the app "Parkering Göteborg"*. The most parking spaces also have the possibility to pay by credit card.

We can mention 2 large parking areas very central in Gothenburg: the parking garage Heden with its 700 spaces and the parking garage "Nordstan Parking Area".

If you are prepared to walk a little, you can park a little outside the central parts of Gothenburg. The prices are much cheaper than in the center of town.

* With reservation for non Swedish cars.
Rent a car i Gothenburg

Rent a car

Rent a car and get around Gothenburg and beyond. On a summer day, it's nice to go out to the sea or maybe a trip up to Marstrand.

f you are staying in the city centre, it can be useful to know where all the parking spaces are. Download "The App: Parkering Göteborg". You can pay in the app (with reservation for non Swedish cars) or by credit card.

You get a completely different freedom with a car!

Get around Gothenburg by taxi


You can find a taxi almost everywhere in the city. Reconcile the price or go for a taxi meter. Always choose a real taxi with a sign and identification inside the car. There are a lot of so-called "Black taxis" in Gothenburg. It means a person who drives their own car without a taxi license. Usually they come up to you and ask if you want to ride the "Black Taxi". Never take these "taxis"".

Good places to find a taxi are: outside Centralstationen and on a cross street in the middle of Avenyn, Vasagatan.

Some fun facts: In 1930, the first taxi rolled out of the Volvo factory. The first model came already in 1929 when the PV 651 was shown.

Go Gothenburg Pass


A Gothenburg tourist card filled with free admission!

With a Go City Gothenburg Pass you can discover Gothenburg at a discounted price. This Gothenburg card is filled with entrances to sights, museums and sightseeing. You pay a fixed price for the card that is valid for different numbers of days: 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. Visit as many attractions as you can of all that is included.

More info about Go City Gothenburg Pass

Free admission and sightseeing:

Paddan tour


Goteborg City Museum

Bohus Fortress



Gunnebo House

Boat- and Bus tours

Get around by ferry and boat in Gothenburg

Boats and ferries

There are boats to the southern archipelago that depart from Saltholmen and Stenpiren and to the northern archipelago the boats depart from Lilla Varholmen on Hisingen island.

If you want to get from Stenpiren to Lindholmen, you can take the free passenger ferry Älvsnabbaren. If you go with the other ferry "Älvsnabben", it will get you from Lilla Bommen to Klippan via Stenpiren, Lindholmspiren, Slottsberget and Eriksberg. On the Älvsnabben ferry you pay the same ticket price as for the bus and tram.

Get around Gothenburg by bus


By bus you also get around the city quickly. There are several bus stops around Goteborg. The same applies here as for the tram. At each stop you will find a map of the lines and where they go. If you are unsure, just ask the driver for directions.

Ticket: You can buy different tickets / day ticket via the Västtrafik To Go app.


You can choose from different types of accommodation in Gothenburg ranging from luxury hotels to hostels. Maybe you want a hotel with a pool or the most important thing is that it is close to a special place in Gothenburg.

We work with where you can easily book your hotel in Gothenburg. You also have free cancellation at selected hotels.

Popular areas in Goteborg:

Hotels close to central Goteborg

Hotels close to Liseberg

Hotels in Majorna

Hotels close to Nya Ullevi

Hotels close to Scandinavium

Hotels close to Goteborg Central Station

Get around Gothenburg by bike


If you want to take a more environmentally friendly option, rent a bike. There are several bikes parked in around Gothenburg that you can rent. They are called Styr och Ställ.

You rent them by downloading the "Nextbike App" and there are bikes at over 130 stations.

Get around Gothenburg with electric scooters

Electric kicks

If you want to get there a little faster than on a bicycle, rent an electric scooter.

In Gothenburg, there are several different companies that rent out kick bikes. They are also placed on different places around town. Read the information on site how to rent them. And...please do park the electric scooter at signed parking spaces.