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Book a Paddan boat tour in Gothenburg city center and harbour!

Why not go on a boat trip with the small flat Paddan boats that leave in the center of town. You will have an interesting ride in the canals of Gothenburg and remember to duck when you go under the low bridges :-). The Paddan boat takes you all the way out into river Göta Älv and Gothenburg's harbour.

Boat trips with Paddan depart during spring, summer and autumn and also during the autumn holidays. This year the Paddan trip to Liseberg is back! During Christmas you can go with a special trip to Christmas at Liseberg amusement park.

If you want to get a little further out into the Gothenburg archipelago, during the summer there is a boat trip to Vinga and New Älvsborgs Fortress. There are also cozy dinner cruises.

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Boka en Paddan rundtur i Göteborg

Paddan tour

You go on board the Paddan boat at Kungsportsbron next to Kungsportsplatsen. The tour takes you through the old canals from the 1600s and under low bridges and out of the harbor. Here you will hear about the history of Gothenburg from the knowledgeable guide. During the trip you pass landmarks such as the Opera House, Feskekörka, the lipstick, the old shipyard areas, green parks and Gothenburg Typical old house "Landshövdingehus" in Haga.

Ticket includes, boattrip and guide. Remember to put on clothing for the weather - the boat is without a roof. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the boats.

Season: March 28 - Nov 3,2024
Depart from: Kungsportsplatsen Tid: 50 minutes

Köp Hop on Hop off med Paddan i Göteborg

Paddan Hop-on / Hop-off

The flat Paddan boats will take you through the canals of Gothenburg and out on the Göta Älv. Gothenburg is celebrating 400 years in 2021 so you will here about a lot of history and see many nice buildings, parks and ships. If you haven´t been on a Paddan boat before we would really recommend it. We have traveled several times both with friends and on our own because it is a really nice exeperience.

Ticket is valid in 24 hours. You can jump on and off as much as you want at the marked stops along the route.

Paddan Hop-on / Hop-off boat tour (24 hours ticket)

Season: Jul 5 - Aug 11, 2024
Time: 24 hours

Boka Paddan på Säveån i Göteborg

Paddan on Säveån

Take a guided boat ride along Säveån. Paddan boat takes you through the old moat, Great Harbor Canal through the 13 km long Säveån out to the Göta Älv.

A guide tells the story hos Gustav II Adolf founded Gothenburg and Lödöses history. During the tour you will pass buildings, shipyards and docks. On the way back, there is time for questions.

Season: May 11 - Sept 21, 2024
Time: 2 hours

Boka Buss och Båt i Göteborg med Strömma

Hop on/Hop off with Bus & Boat

Combine one day to go both by boat and bus. You stop at 12 different stops. This means that you can see Gothenburg from different perspectives. You decide how many times you want to go on and off. Hop on / Hop off is a very good option to see and discover all of Gothenburg's sights.

Ticket is valid in 24 hours.

Season: July 5 - Aug 11, 2024
Time: 24 hours

The flat boats in Gothenburg - Paddan

The flat boats are waiting for you at the small dock at the Kungsports Bridge (Kungsportsbron). A guide will accompany the boat ride and try to tell you the whole story about Gothenburg, apart from Swedish also in English and German.

June 15, 1939 the first trip with Paddan departed with paid passengers. At this time it departed from the east side of Kungsportsbron, where the station at this time were located.

The boat operated on petrol and could only take 12 people. At this time passengers could also hop on along the way. During the war the petrol became very expensive and people didn´t afford to go with the boats. It was time to event something else - the first gas driven boat arrived year 1941.

Time passed and in 1942 Paddan got hold of the first big boat that could take over 80 persons. After this year Paddan nearly increased its fleet with new boats every year. Today there is only one boat left since the 40´s.

Paddan. Källa: Youtube.

Some fun info
At first no one believed in this idea, to go by boat around Gothenburg. It was the newspaper seller Lars Andersson at Kungsportsbron that first came up with the idea with small boats in the canal. Sorry to say he didn´t get any attention for his idea and finally it became Gundel Matsson who operated a travel agency in town, who realized the idea. Certainly it later became a big success for the city, today the small flat boats is a distinguishing feature for Gothenburg

Trips with Paddan
The trip with Paddan along the canals and out in Göta Älv takes approx 50 minutes. At Christmas time you can take a trip with Paddan to Liseberg. Then you can enjoy your coffee and the Swedish drink "glögg" with a blanket on your knees. You can also take the boat back to town if you want.

Address: Kungsportsbron (Kungsportsplatsen) - between Tourist office and Stora Teatern)

Boka Julpaddan till Liseberg

Paddan Christmas Tour with entrance to Liseberg

A winter sightseeing tour with Paddan to Christmas at Liseberg and admission is included in the price. Before the trip you are served mulled wine and gingerbread. The boat departs from Kungsportsplatsen. After approx 40 minutes you arrive to Liserberg Amusement Park.

The ticket includes boat trip, mulled wine and gingerbread.

Season: wait for dates in 2024
Departs from: Kungsportsplatsen Time: 40 minutes

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July 5 - Aug 11, 2024
Kungsportsplatsen Gothenburg
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May 11 - Sept 21, 2024
Kungsportsplatsen Gothenburg
Köp biljett
March 28 - Nov 3, 2024
Kungsportsplatsen Gothenburg
Köp biljett
July 5 - Aug 11, 2024
Kungsportsplatsen Gothenburg
Köp biljett

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