The official name Feskekôrka at Rosenlund

Gothenburg's Fishing Church in the middle of the canal.

For those of you who love fish and shellfish, you cannot miss this place and the building itself is also one of Gothenburg's many fine buildings. The name comes from the fact that it resembles a church.

After four years of renovation, Feskekyrkan reopened on May 16, 2024. The interior is bright and 200 steel piles have been installed under the church to prevent Feskekyrkan from sliding into the canal. Fish and shellfish sales are open as usual. The Feskekörkan will contribute to a living Rosenlund and with a newly built barge outside it will be possible to sit outside during the summer months.

Fishing Church

Fishing has always been an important part of Gothenburg's history. Here in Fiskekörkan, this really comes into its own.

Victor Von Gegerfelt is the architect of the church and it was inaugurated in 1874. He has also designed other well-known buildings in Gothenburg, such as the Social House and the Valand Art College.

Buy fish
Here you can buy fresh fish from the sea and you can also eat well and have the catch of the day served on your plate. Seafood is of course also available for purchase.

Historic fish trade
The first fish market in Gothenburg was at Lilla Torget, which at the time was called Fisktorget. More fish taverns in the town were found, among other things, by the large harbor canal below the German Church, Gustav Adolfs Torg and Stora Bommen. In 1849 there was only a fish trade at Rosenlund. After that, as I said, it was Feskekörkan.

Fishing in the canal
Outside in the canal, you can also see people standing and fishing. If you're lucky, you can actually catch a salmon on a stick.

Tourist from the canal
If you want to see the Fishing Church from the water, you can jump on a Paddan tour were you pass the Fishing Church.

The Fishing Church
Adress: Rosenlundsgatan, Gothenburg

Map - Fiskekyrkan