The house from the 17th century

Here is Gothenburg's oldest house that is not a home!

When you walk around Gothenburg, we think you should go to the place where Kronhuset and Kronhusbodarna are located. It is not far from Gustav Adolfs Torg. Here is Gothenburg's oldest house that is not a home. The Crown House from the middle of the 17th century. On the site you will also find lengths with different shops that are reminiscent of the old days. The Crown House was built 21 years after the city of Gothenburg was founded by Gustav II Adolf in 1621.

Kronhuset and Kronhusbodarna

To Kronhuset and Kronshusbodarna you get quickly from Gustav Adolfs Torg, takes less than 5 minutes to walk. Kronhuskvarteret is a center in the middle of Gothenburg where today you will find crafts of various kinds and homemade sweets! You will find everything in small "sheds", a bit like it was before. It feels a bit like entering 17th century Gothenburg, yes ... except for a few lampposts and other modern elements.

The Crown House was built in 1642-54 in the Dutch style. The building is fiery red with a copper roof that shines in green, with black coarse iron fittings and nice windows.

It was used from the beginning as a large storage for weapons, ammunition, uniforms and food, etc. Until 1954, it acted as a storehouse. After that, the building was restored and it became a museum. Today, Kronhuset is also used as a large concert hall.

Kronhuset acts as premises for the government
Kronhuset has also acted as a national hall for two winter months in 1660. At this time it was necessary to discuss the future of the kingdom and King Karl X Gustav came to the city on a cold winter day in Nov 1659. He was a little awkward ... but it was not so dangerous. ..... Christmas came and the meeting with the members of parliament (the nobility, the priests and the peasants) started on 4 January. The meeting ended and the king remained in the city and got worse and worse.

Karl X Gustav dies and a new king must be appointed quickly
Karl X Gustav died the night of 13 Feb. 1660. He died in the residence on Södra Hamngatan 3 (the so-called Torstenssonska huset). Sweden's enemies do not find out that the king has died. The gates of the city were closed and a new king had to be appointed quickly. Charles XI, who at this time was only 4 years old, was to be appointed new king. He was carried into the Crown House and appointed new king. But it would not be long before Charles XI came of age in 1672 before he could officially take over the throne. Meanwhile, Sweden had so-called. guardian government.

What can you find more on the site
You can have a cup of coffee and a sandwich at Café Kronhuset, buy ceramics, buy pastries and sweets at Göteborgs Chocklad och Karamellfabrik. During the summer, the cafe picks out its furniture to become an outdoor cafe on the farm. During the Cultural Gala and christmas in Gotheburg temporary business comes to the site. If, contrary to expectation, you also carry an old watch that does not work, take the time and repair it at watchmaker Gerard Gren's in Klockboden. Most other stores are also in the area. You can also visit the small park which is located right next to Kronhuset.

Nice facts
The kronhus sheds located in the west area were built between 1764-1759 and served as a storage place for railway materials and firehouses. The eastern sheds were built between 1746 -1748 and at that time there was a smithy, wheelwright and workshop here.

The Kronhus area burned in 1746 and 1758, all buildings except Kronhuset burned down.

Winter and Christmas time
In winter you can come here and have a glass of mulled wine and stroll around among the sheds and just cuddle. A Christmas market is also usually held in Kronhuset

Address: Postgatan 6

Map - Postgatan 6