Gothenburg northern archipelago

The islands of the Northern Archipelago consist of 10 islands

Visit the islands out in the northern archipelago - close from the center!

Gothenburg's Northern Archipelago is located in the waterway between Gothenburg and Marstrand. You will find Rörö at the top of the North and Fotö at the bottom of the South.

If you are here in the summer and love the sea and small picturesque islands, don't miss going out for a visit. Of course, it's just as well to go in autumn, dress warmly and bring a thermos with hot liquid and a pair of good walking shoes. On the islands you can hike, swim, climb, dive, kayak, eat well and shop. There is something for everyone.

The islands are: Hönö, Öckerö, Björkö, Grötö, Kalvsund, Rörö, Källö-Knippla, Hyppeln, Hälsö, Fotö.

You can reach the islands by car, bus or bicycle via route 155 in the direction of Hisingen/Öckerö to Lilla Varholmen's ferry stop. There are two ferries - one to Öckerö/Hönö - about 12 minutes and one to Björkö - 6 minutes. From Hälsö you take the ferry to the northern islands of Knippla, Hyppeln and Rörö.

Summertime: During the summer traffic Styrsöbolaget boats to Hönö-Klåva from Stenpiren via Eriksberg's ferry terminal.

Hönö in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


On Hönö you will find numerous restaurants, shops, fishing and boat trips, etc

If you want to swim, you can visit the bathing spots Lappesand and Hästen, but of course you can find your own places to swim. Don't miss the area before the bridge over to Fotö - the Jungfruviken hiking area. In the summer, you can find a lovely spot on the mountains and lie in the sun and then jump into the clear, lovely water. There are also hotels, hostels and guest harbours.

The nature reserve Ersdalen in northwestern Hönö has become a popular place for rock climbers.

Björkö in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


Here you will find restaurants, hotels, hostels, shops, guesthouses, etc

For those who want to hike, you can go to the grounds around Huvudet and Ryd. You pass both forest, open pastures and rock outcrops. Björkö is known for its fine forests where you can see white sedges and lily of the valley in the spring. If you want to see the blåsippsbacken - go to the far north-east at "Pjonken". Feel free to take a walk on one of the loops on the Strömskärsleden.

If you want to swim, you go to Klarvik on the west side - probably the most popular. Otherwise, you can also swim at Timmervik and Trollvik. If you love rocks with a bath - go to Skarvik's islet.

Öckerö in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


Here you will find walking areas at Hjälvik and the area from Kulungeviken up towards the mountains to the east.

Also take a trip to Öckerö's old church, which dates back to the 15th century

If you want to swim, go to the west side - Hjälvik and Saltasviken. On Öckerö you will of course also find shops, cafes, hostels, pharmacies and guest harbours, etc.

Hälsö in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


There are also shops, a restaurant, mini golf and a guest marina here. On Hälsö there are many ancient monuments such as stone enclosures, you will find them on the north-western part of the island.

If you want to swim from rocks and pontoons, go to the southern tip of the island "Tjolmen". If you want to see some genuine archipelago buildings, you should go down to the harbour.

POn the northern part of the island is the "Stuvö" recreation area. From the northern part you can see the Carlstens Fortress on Marstrand. Car is allowed..

Fotö in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


Fotö is the southernmost island. You come here from Hönö via the bridge. There is a bathing area Vivik which has a sandy beach, rocks and jumping tower. Here there is a small guest harbor with plastic for about 20 boats.

The western and eastern parts of the island have mostly bare mountains. There are also some ancient remains. At the far end of Fotö's northwestern part you will find "Torn" - a nice area to walk to.

Gröto in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


This island is car-free. The island does not have many inhabitants and that is probably what makes the island so charming.

You will find a restaurant, hotel and guest harbour.

The island is known, among other things, for its fine oaks which you will find in the inner parts of the island. Of course, you will also find lovely walking paths. In the southwestern part, it is mostly mountainous areas. To find a good swimming spot - go to the northwest side, Knöten

hyppeln in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


Here you will find a restaurant with smokehouse, library, grocery store, hostel, guest harbor.

If you want to swim and visit a sandy beach, you should go to Sandtången. The island also has remains from the Ice Age with large rocks.

If you want to get to a high point on the island - get to "Jättehuvudet" - from here you can also see the other islands. Why not walk around the entire island - a walk of about 5 km.

Knippla in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


Here, the houses are close together and it's nice to stroll around. Here you will find a cafe, shops, hostel, guest harbour, restaurant and a conference centre.

The harbor is a well-known meeting place and here you will also find a restaurant at the far end of the pier "Brygghuset". If you want to stay over, you can sleep over at the hostel.

In the northern part of the island you will find green areas where you can walk. If you want to swim, you can go to - Tranbärsviken on the east side.

Rörö in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


Is the island that lies farthest north. Almost the entire island is a nature reserve to, among other things, protect the flora and fauna. On Rörö is the well-known nature reserve where fur sheep and Icelandic horses graze freely.

On one side of the island there is no direct settlement, but you will find it on the south-eastern part. In the cozy guest harbor you will find cafes, shops and of course you can buy fresh fish.

On the western side you will find ancient remains. If you want to take a dip - go to Gula Skären. If you go to other places to swim - remember that you are in a nature reserve. There is a guest harbor and from the island you can see Marstrand's fortress.

kalvsund in the Northern Archipelago in Gothenburg


This island is car-free. When you enter the harbor you see the large villa "Bremerska villa" with its towers and various extensions.

On the east side you will find walking areas and in the spring it is worth a visit to see the beautiful heather in bloom. If you want to take a bath - go to Bindes and Körrgårn.