Barken Viking

The four masted bark at Lilla Bommen

Barken Viking – what do you do there?

Barken Viking has a long history in our wonderful city. The barque Viking is a four-masted barque, which in simple terms means a ship with four masts. The ship was built as early as 1906 and is the single largest sailing ship built in the entire Nordic region. Since the 1950s, it has lain quietly in Gothenburg's harbour. Since then, it has developed into both a hotel and a restaurant. Dialog Hotel Barken Viking, as it is called, attracts crowds of people both on holiday in Sweden and people coming from other parts of the world.

History Barken Viking
In 1993, the Barken Viking was laid up at Lilla Bommen, just below the Hisingsbron. When you cycle over the HIsingsbron, you see the mast-adorned ships opposite the Opera. The barque Viking is one of 577 ships that were built as a barque in Europe. There are a few similar ships left in Europe and above all we have "AF Chapman" in Stockholm, which is a three-masted city. Skepte was built in 1906-07 in Copenhagen by the shipyard Burmeister & Wain, then as a school and cargo ship. After sailing under the Danish flag, she was bought by Gustaf Erikson's shipping company on Åland around 1929. The barque Viking was used in service and had a crew of 150 men and most of them students. Viking has also traveled as far as Australia and South America on several occasions. A trip to Australia took 3 months one way.

The road to Gothenburg and Sweden
During the late 1940s, it began to be discussed in Gothenburg that it would be good to have a seamen's school and a place to gather in shipping. A ship would have been great! At the same time, Barken Viking was to be sold from its shipping company. The barque Viking was in port at an exhibition in Rotterdam when the shipping company wanted to sell its ship. For the newly formed association in Gothenburg, the price was initially too high to buy, but the shipping company lowered the price as they did not want to see the ship scrapped. On June 2, 1951, the ship arrived in Gothenburg after a 4-day voyage with about 25 people who sailed the ship home.

Barken Viking i Göteborg

What does the hotel have to offer??
Hotel Barken Viking's absolute biggest attraction is, of course, the unique premises it is in. A ship hotel is not common, and especially not a ship hotel on one of the largest sailing ships in the Nordics. Moreover, it is not only the outside that is beautiful. The hotel rooms at Dialog Hotel's hotels are also very unique. You sleep in cabins on board, with cozy boat-inspired decor. At the hotel you will also find a fine restaurant that offers seasonal dishes all year round. In short – a hotel with everything you need.

Near Barken Viking
The fact that it is also located in the middle of the city is something that attracts many visitors. You are close to everything. Wander around the city and you will definitely find something fun. There is something for everyone. Here below, we will suggest a few things that are a selection of what is nearby.

A visit to the Maritiman
Just a stone's throw away you will find the Maritiman. If you have ended up on Barken Viking, there is a good chance that you are interested in ships in some way. And, the Maritiman is the largest floating ship museum in the entire world. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area anyway. How about a visit to the submarine, HMS Nordkaparen.

Gothenburg's Opera
Book an evening at the Opera and see a performance. After the performance, you have about 5 minutes back to your hotel on Barken Viking. You also save time when you have to arrive on time for the performance. Avoid parking and enjoy a dinner in town or a show at Operant a visit when you're still nearby. How about a visit to the submarine, HMS Nordkaparen. Under sommaren kan ni ta er en drink och lättare tilltugg på Göteborgs Operans uteveranda.

Femmans shopping centre
There is a footbridge across from Lilla Bommen to Femmans shopping centre/Nordstan. It is a large shopping center with several different shops and restaurants.

Kajskjul 8
Kajskjul 8 is a short walk away. During the summer you can eat in their restaurant. Prawns are usually standard on the menu. During the rest of the season, music and other performances are played here. Located next to the Maritiman.