Museums in Gothenburg

Visit a museum.

Visit a museum during your visit to Gothenburg

In Gothenburg there are some museums to choose from and other places to visit. For those of you who are interested in art, animals, history, shipping, etc.

Below you can see some of the museums in Gothenburg. Many museums have free entry for children under 18. And several of Gothenburg's museums are included in a Go City Gothenburg Pass that gives free entry. The page contains various affiliate partners.

Museum of Natural History in Gothenburg

Museum of Natural History

Gothenburg's oldest museum
The museum is Gothenburg's oldest museum. The museum was created in 1833. The museum was first located in the East India House but moved in 1923 to its own building in Slottsskogen. Today the Gothenburg City Museum is located in the East India House instead. In 1981, the museum also got new exhibition spaces. Here you can see stuffed animals from all corners of the world and also exhibitions about the history of life, life in the sea and much more. The museum is known for its 16 meter long blue whale cub that got stranded in Askim in southern Gothenburg 150 years ago, the African elephant and alligator Smilet who actually lived at the Maritime Museum until 1987 when he died about 66 years old.

There is also a café and a shop. Free entrance under 20 years.

Address: Located in Slottskogen near Linnéplatsen.

Gothenburg City Museum

Gothenburg City Museum

East Indian House
Not far from Gustav Adolfs Torg you will find the Goteborg City Museum. The museum is located in the old East India House and the museum itself in its current form opened in 1993. But there have actually been museum collections in the East India House since the beginning of the 19th century. Here you can walk around and read about the history of Gothenburg and western Sweden. Here are about 400 pictures from Gothenburg to view. Also history of the Swedish East India Company, Vikings to the present, etc. The East India House itself is also a house to take a closer look at as this was the center of the East India Company 1731-1813.

There is also a café and a shop.

Address: Norra Hamngatan 12.

Universeum Gothenburg


Here there are seven floors with various exciting things. Why not watch sharks in the aquarium hall, or take a trip into space, walk in the rainforest and watch birds and other small, friendly animals. If the small children can't bear to walk any more, take the lift to the ground floor where there is a small playground with various toys, a slide, a boat, a shop etc. The place is called Miniverseum.

In the summer of 2023, Universeum will open up a film dome - Wisedome. Here you will be able to watch films on Sweden's largest visualization dome in 360 degrees.

Children under 3 enter free. There is a cafe and restaurant..

Address: Near Liseberg. Södra vägen 50 (Korsvägen)

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Free admission and sightseeing:

Paddan tour


Goteborg City Museum

Bohus Fortress



Gunnebo House

Boat- and Bus tours

The Maritime Museum in Gothenburg

Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet

Museum with aqariums and ship history
The museum was founded in 1913. Here you will find exhibitions about the development of shipping over 400 years and their Aquarium shows living environments from cold and warm waters and also has animals from the sea such as seahorses and sea anemones. The aquarium was created during Gothenburg's anniversary exhibition in 1923. The aquarium previously had more animals such as crocodiles, monkeys, raccoons and other tropical animals. The aquarium was known for its crocodile Smilet, he came there in 1923 and died in 1987, probably about 66 years old.

Also visit the tower with the statue Sjömanshustrun on the top which stands beside the museum looks out over Hisingen

Address: Karl Johansgatan 1-3

Gothenburg Art Museum

Gothenburg Art Museum

In 925, the building was inaugurated as an Art Museum at Götaplatsen. Before that, there were only a few works of art in the East India House in the so-called. Gothenburg Museum from 1861 (today Gothenburg City Museum). As the collections grew (with many large donations), a new art museum was planned. The building itself, which houses the Gothenburg Art Museum, is very beautiful. The house was ready for the Anniversary Exhibition in 1923. The architecture is influenced by Roman antiquity with its beautiful arches. In May 2017, the Gothenburg Art Museum was named a building monument.

You can view works by Carl Larsson, Bruno Liljefors, Ernst Josephson, Edvard Munch, Monet, Renoir, Anders Zorn, Christian Krohg, Isaac Grünewald and others.

Address: Götaplatsen, Avenyn

Gothenburg Maritime Museum

Gothenburg Maritime Museum

Permanent and temporary exhibitions
Gothenburg can be proud of the world's largest floating ship museum. The museum consists of several ships and is located at Packhuskajen not far from the Opera. Here you can board the old fighter Småland and the submarine Nordkaparen.

There is also a café and a shop.

Address: Packhuskajen 8 1/2

The Radio Museum in Gothenburg

The Radio Museum

A different sightseeing
The Radio Museum is the museum with radio in all its forms. Here is the radio from the very first crystal detectors to today's "rock blaster". Here, visitors can follow the development of maritime radio from the early spark transmitters to today's advanced transmitters and receivers. You can view police radio, military radio, boat radio .... yes radios in long lanes and different uses.

The museum also has a reference library with over 5100 volumes of electronic manuals and radio magazines.

There is also a café and a shop.

Address: Anders Carlssons gata 2, Hisingen

The World Culture Museum

The World Culture Museum

For the small children, various offerings are presented continuously, cosiness, song, dance and crafts. The museum itself is aimed at the older audience with various exhibitions and events. Current issues in the world are presented at the museum.

Do not miss the exhibition: "Tillsammans". The exhibition raises questions about the wonderful and difficult to live with others. Feel free to take a look barnens webmuseum where you can follow the rat Mimus. Here you have the opportunity to print out dolls and some other exciting activities.

There is a restaurant and a small shop.

Address: Södra Vägen 54

Museum a little outside Gothenburg.

If you want to go to a museum a little outside Gothenburg, there are a couple of them. How about historic Volvo cars and planes and helicopters.

Volvo Museum Gothenburg

Volvo Museum

The history of Volvo cars
Note. The Volvo Museum in Arendal is closed and will be moved to World of Volvo location. At Arendal a bit outside Gothenburg you can visit the Volvo Museum. Here you see the development of VOLVO cars through the ages, from 1927 to the 1990s. The museum is located in the middle of Volvo's district next to the harbor entrance. Here you see many different car models and if you also want to buy something, visit their small shop. In the museum you will also find some of Volvo Penta's and Volvo Aero's products.

There is also a café and a shop.

Address: Arendal Skans (Hisingen island)

Aeroseum Hisingen Gothenburg


Airplanes and helicopters in a bunker
A bit outside Gothenburg, in Säve, you can visit the old aircraft hangar from the 1950s. During the Cold War, this was a secret defense facility. Today it is an experience center for aviation and space travel. It is an experience to walk through the large old hangar gate and then walk down to the old passages about 30 meters underground. Here you can view old planes, helicopters and you can also test drive if you want.

There is also a café and a shop.

Address: Holmvägen 11, Säve Depå (Hisingen island)

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