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We like things for free in Gothenburg and there are some things to discover that do not cost anything but are completely FREE. Some are free after the song but some are all year round. Summer is the best time for free activities in Gothenburg, it can be anything from festivals, music, museums, Sweden's National Day, films, etc.

Here we have collected some of what we found that is FREE for you. Always check with the respective website for current information


Vetenskapsfestivalen, May 2 - 13, 2022

The International Science Festival in Gothenburg is a recurring event with about 300 program points with free admission. The festival mixes science and culture in a fun way..

It will be everything from space, nature, animals, the earth's climate to selfies and zombies. The festival is spread throughout the city in places such as Bältesspännareparken, Göteborgs Konsthall, Blå Stället (Angered), Bio Roy, Sjöfartsmuseet, Stadsbiblioteket and many more.

There is free admission to everything. First come, first served applies where there are limited places.

Date: several different places in Gothenburg

Cortegén Göteborg Valborg

Chalmers Cortègen

Chalmerscortègen is a tradition in Gothenburg which began as early as 1910. In folklore, it is simply called Cortègen. It is a carnival train organized by students at Chalmers University of Technology every Walpurgis Night. The carnival train departs from Gibraltargatan and then through the city center along Avenyn and Vasagatan.

The students usually deal with events, news and people during the past year. There are both rebuilt trucks and disguised people and different means of transport. The train is followed by thousands of spectators along the road. So go out in the spring evening and experience the festivities in Gothenburg that have become one of Gothenburg's signs of spring.

Date: Student Carnival Train - Valborg, April. bild:
Chalmers Cortegen

Älvsnabbare i Göteborg

Free boat trip with Älvsnabbare

In Göta Älv you can go with Älvtrafiken. (Älvsnabben) runs between Lilla Bommen and Klippan (by Älvsborgsbron). On this line you pay Västrafik's rate.

However, it is free to go with (Älvsnabbare) which crosses the Göta Älv between Stenpiren (Rosenlund) and Lindholmspiren. You can also bring a bicycle on board for free. The color has a green flag to symbolize that it is free to go with.

It is not a long way to go but can be a nice excursion from the center and get out a little on the river and then make a stop at Lindholmspiren. Here is also the restaurant school Ester Mosessons Gymnasium and here you can peek in for a coffee or lunch.

Trip; Rosenlund - Lindholmspiren. Picture:
See timetable for lines 286 and 285 at Styrsöbolaget

Go Gothenburg Pass


Go City Gothenburg experience card filled with free admission!

With a Go City Gothenburg Pass you can discover Gothenburg at a discounted price. This Gothenburg card is filled with entrances to sights, museums and sightseeing. You pay a fixed price for the card that is valid for different numbers of days: 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. Visit as many attractions as you can of all that is included.

More info about Go City Gothenburg Pass

Free admission and sightseeing:

Paddan tour


Bohus Fortress


Gunnebo House

Boat- and Bus tours



Folk party with runners in Gothenburg

The running party
GöteborgsVarvet is a half marathon (21 km) that has become widely known throughout the world. The yard started already in 1980 and now runners from all over the world come to Gothenburg in May every year. Boys and girls of all ages run here. Some run to win and others just to have fun. Get ready for many fun costumes along the course. For those of us who do not run, it is just as fun to watch. For the folk festival is free for spectators. The start is at Slottsskogen and the finish is in the ancient Slotsskogsvallen. Go Go!

Date: May 21, 2022
More race to run: May 22, 2022 - Lilla Varvet (7-13 år). May 21- 22, 2022 - MiniVarvet (0-6 year).

More information about Göteborgsvarvet

Hammarkullekarnevalen i Göteborg


The dance festival in Gothenburg

Sparkling carnival
The Hammarkulle Carnival started as early as 1974 in Gothenburg. Festive and colorful clothes from different cultures pass in the train. Every year it is a well-attended tradition. The multicultural carnival is characterized by colorful clothes and the special dances of the Latin American associations

Date: May 27-29, 2022
More information about the Hammarkulle Carnival

Flunsåsparken Göteborg Gratis entré

The park Flunsås - Hisingen

"Flunsan" - Sweden's only folk park with free admission. During May to July, there are lots of performances in Flunsåsparken. It's everything from whisper evenings, stand-up, rock, hits, dancing, magic, talent hunting and much much more.

Artists who have performed here through the years include Lill-Babs, Siw Malmqvist, Ann-Louise Hansson, Stefan Ljungqvist, Sara Varga, Uno Svenningsson, Arvingarna, Björn Skifs, Jessica Andersson, Nanne Grönvall, Sanna Nielsen, Snowstorm, Sten & Stanley, Tommy Körberg, Hep Stars and Claes Malmberg and many many more. The premiere in May is always equally welcome every year and draws a full audience and everyone is looking forward to this year's program. If you are not in place early, a tip is to bring your own chair. Everything that belongs to a folk park

Admission is free and coffee, juice, cakes and sausages with bread are sold on site. (Picture: Park of Flunsås)

Date: Maj-Aug
More information about Flunsan

Megaloppis i Majorna

Fleemarket in Majorna

During the last Sunday in May, the entire Majorna man leaves the house and participates in the big Megaloppisen which is much appreciated. The flea market stretches from Stigbergstorget to Sandarna. Out on the streets and parks, there is a sale of everything used. You who do not live in Majorna can also sell if you want but are advised not to come by car as there are a lot of people this day. It is of course free to participate. The annual flea market has become a bit of a folk festival in Gothenburg. So come here and bargain or just soak up the atmosphere.

Date: Last Sunday in May
Fkeemarket in Majorna

Göteborgs Nationaldag Göteborgs Symfoniker

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra - Free concert

During Sweden's National Day, you can enjoy wonderful music in the green when the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (GSO) moves in and out of Slottsskogen for a concert. Bring your blanket and something good to eat and hopefully enjoy nice weather and beautiful music. The concert has become a tradition in Gothenburg and attracts many spectators. Please come in good time. Fri entrance

Date: June 6 (National Day)
Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Swedish Match

Childhood Match Cup Sweden

During v 27 every summer since 1994, the summer island Marstrand and the water outside for a week of match racing competitions filled with festivities. Several of the world's best male and female sailors participate in the regatta at Marstrand. Match Cup Sweden has also had World Cup status since 2007 as one of the competitions in the World Series Racing World Series

Marstrand is located about 50 km north of Gothenburg at the height of Kungälv. You can get here by car or bus in about 45 minutes. On the island you are not allowed to drive a car so you park the car at the quay and then take the ferry over to Marstrandsön. The Match Cup festivities are free to come and view, but the ferry ticket costs money, but the return journey is free. You can bring your own picnic or buy what is offered on site. Note! You can not buy a ticket on board, buy in the kiosk or via VästTrafikAppen.

Date: The beginning of July every year. July 4-9, 2022
More information about Childhood Match Cup Sweden in Marstrand

Visit Gothenburg's beautiful parks

Gothenburg has several beautiful parks to enjoy the tranquility in. In the summer you can bring a blanket and coffee and just be. Walk among beautiful flowers in spring. During the autumn, the trees change color. In winter you can sit in one of the cafés and have a warming cup of hot chocolate (some are seasonal).
Slottskoge Göteborg


Slottsskogen is Gothenburg's largest public park. It has been available to Gothenburgers since 1874. Here are large green areas, lakes, animals and a café. A large part of the park consists of natural forest with trees such as oak, beech, maple and linden. A popular area in the park is the Azalea Valley. Way out West is a festival that takes place in the park every year. You will also find the famous playground Plikta below Gothenburg's Natural History Museum

Free Entrance

More information about Slottskogen
Botaniska Trädgården Göteborg

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is located opposite Slottsskogen by Änggården. There are countless flowers, shrubs, plants, trees, cafes. The park has existed since 1923. The garden is open all year round. For those of you with a dog, they are unfortunately not allowed to stay in the garden between 1 March - 30 September. Of course, they are welcome connected at other times of the year.

Voluntary entrance fee

More information about Botanical Garden
Trädgårdsföreningen Göteborg


The park is located in the heart of Gothenburg between Drottningtorget and Bältespännareparken (Stora Teatern). Truly a breathing space that we like a lot. We usually go here after a trip to town. Here you will find the Rosary, which is filled with fragrant roses during the summer. Or how about walking around in the cheeky Palm House where there is a wonderful climate with large palm trees and other tropical plants. Café available. Free entrance to the park.

Free entrance

More information about Trädgårdsföreningen
Azaleadalen utomhusbio Slottskogen

Outdoor cinema - Azaleadalen

Every year in mid-July you can watch a cinema in the Azalea Valley in Slottskogen. A wonderful event with an outdoor cinema in the green. Please come in good time. Fri entrance. Usually Food Trucks are on site and the cinema starts around 22:00.

Date: July 16 - 17, Slottskogen
Outdoor Cinema Azaleadalen


Gothenburg Film Festival Open Air

Every year in mid-August in connection with the Gothenburg Film Festival, you can watch outdoor cinema in the Garden Association.

Free admission and outdoor seating in connection with the outdoor cinema is open. The garden's outdoor restaurant is open from 18:00 until the film starts at 21:00..

Date: in Aug 2022
Open Air Filmfestival

Gothia Cup Göteborg

Gothia Cup

Folk party with football players in Gothenburg

The football party
Gothia Cup is a football tournament that has existed since 1975. From being a smaller tournament, it has grown to become the world's largest football event where young people from all over the world participate. The inauguration attracts such a large audience that it is held at Ullevi. During the Gothia Cup a lot happens in the city and everyone is welcome to visit the event areas including Heden and watch the matches which are free to go to!

Season: July 17-23, 2022
More informatioen about Gothia Cup

Göteborgs Kulturkalas

Gothenburg Culture Party

Culture Festival in Gothenburg

Party in Town
The cultural party in Gothenburg is a tradition that welcomes everyone to festivities in the city and the surrounding area. There will be free concerts, dance, theater, film, market, exhibitions, performances and lots of good food. Everything at Kulturkalaset is free to take part in, except for what is sold at markets and eateries. Göteborgs Kulturkalas is one of Scandinavia's largest cultural festivals and is visited by about 1.3 million visitors. Party places include Heden, Kungstorget, Avenyn, Slottskogen, Gustav Adolfs Torg and the Port of Gothenburg, etc. On certain days, Liseberg has free admission to the Kulturkalaset.

Date: Sept 1-4, 2022
More information about Gothenburg Culture party

West Pride Göteborg


West Pride is an art and culture festival that is held every year in June in Gothenburg. The whole festival is free for all visitors. There will be LGBTQI people and of course to all of you who want to join the party. There will be singing, dancing, parades, performances, parties and much more.

West Pride started already in 2007. At the start it was called LGBT-GBG and the initiators were Kulturhuset Blå Stället, Gothenburg City Theater, Stora Teatern, Världskulturmuseet and Röhsska Museet

Date: June 13-19, 2022
West Pride

Gothenburg Fringe Festival

Stoff - Gothenburg Fringe Festival

Stoff (Gothenburg Fringe Festival) is an art, dance and theater festival that takes place in most places in Gothenburg. The festival is for those who want to explore, criticize, exchange, ask, enjoy, be surprised and for those who just want to be part of an exciting atmosphere ... for everyone in other words.

Some will cost entry but much will also & aring; be free to visit.

Date: Sept 7-11, 2022
More information about Stoff

Kulturnatta i Göteborg

Culture night Gothenburg

The culture night will this time take place in October and then you celebrate the culture in Gothenburg with the so-called. Culture night. Many of the events that take place during the evening and night are free, but some can also cost admission. The evening can include music, art, guidance, sound and light installations, theater, photography, flea market, exhibitions, film, dance and much much more. Most start in the afternoon and last until 24.00.

Date: 28 okt, 2022
More information aobut culture night in Gothenburg

Arkivens Dag i Göteborg

Archive Day

The Archives Day has been going on for over 20 years every year. The National Archives was founded 401 years ago. Since 1998, Archives Day has become a tradition where the whole of Sweden opens up its interesting archives - so also in Gothenburg. It is a very interesting day with lectures, tours of archives, history and exhibitions. If you have not participated in an Archives Day, we want to strike a blow to participate once as it can be really interesting.

So take care! Always the second Sunday in Nov. Of course there is free admission.

Date: Nov 12, 2022
More information about Archive Day in Gothenburg

Gratisbutiken Majorna

Free Store in Majorna

In the majors in Gothenburg you will find the Free Shop. It is an absolutely fantastic store where everything is free. Yes, you heard right. Their motto is: Whoever wants can take what they need and / or leave whole and useful stuff. You do not have to feel compelled to leave anything either. If you are in need of clothes for adults and children, books, toys and household utensils, feel free to look in here on a Thursday evening.

Do you want to leave stuff: The free shop is happy to accept things you want to donate. Feel free to remember that what you leave must be complete and clean.

Address: Slottskogsgatan 1, entrance around the corner into Carnegiegatan, Gothenburg
More information about Free Store

Bastu gratis i Frihamnen

Free Suana: Frihamnen

As part of the creation of the Jubilee Park in Frihamnen, a sauna was built for the public. The sauna building is clad with used sheet metal and it is anchored out in the river. The sauna can accommodate up to 30 people and can be reached via a staircase or elevator. Through a window you get a beautiful view of the harbor and towards the center. The idea is that the sauna should be for everyone. At present, it is drop-in times that apply, but it is possible to book appointments for trans people or non-binary.Book time

The sauna is open during autumn / winter / spring during certain times. Feel free to come here the rest of the time for play in the outdoor classroom.

Date: Jan - May

Röda Sten i Göteborg

Röda Sten Art Gallery

At Röda Sten Konsthall you can get an outlet for your creation. For those of you who are interested in art and creativity, you can participate in free workshops at Röda Sten Konsthall. The meeting place is called Young & Creative and is aimed at those who are between 12-26 years old. Subjects can be screen printing, graffiti, letters, painting, self-portraits, etc. For you who are slightly younger from about 3 years can together with an adult visit the Workshop where you can also try out different art activities. Fun for children and adults together. These events cost a small amount.

Every year organizes an outdoor activity called "Live under the Bridge" - there will be music, painting, sales, etc.

Date: All year around, Röda Sten Art Gallery, Röda Sten
More information about Röda Sten

Fruktträdgårdar gratis frukt i Göteborg

Fruit Gardens

Gothenburg has planted most orchards in several places in Gothenburg. In these places, apples, pears and plums grow. These can be picked up for free! Feel free to visit them and sit down for a while and enjoy the wonders of nature. They are located in the center, Hisingen, west of Gothenburg etc.

Date: spring-autumn to pick
More information about free to pick

Visit a Museum for free

Gothenburg has some museums that are free. All museums have free admission for visitors under 20 years. The museums that have free admission for all ages are: Gothenburg Art Gallery, the Natural History Museum, and the World Culture Museum. Other museums charge an entrance fee. You can buy an annual ticket for SEK 120 (2022) which is valid at the Gothenburg Art Museum, the Gothenburg City Museum, the Maritime Museum Aquarium and the Röhsska Museum.
Konsthallen Göteborg

Göteborgs Art

Göteborgs Konsthall is a municipal art gallery located at Götaplatsen at the top of central Gothenburg. The art gallery shows Swedish and international contemporary art and you will find the art in a building from 1923/p>

Free entrance

More information about Konsthallen
Sjöfartsmuseet Göteborg

The Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is temporarily closed for renovation. Opening premiere 10 December 2022. The museum focuses on shipping over the years and of course there is also an aquarium with fish etc.

Free entrance under 20 year

More information about The Maritime Museum
Röhsska Museet i Göteborg

Röhsska Museum

Previously, the museum was called Röhsska konstslöjdmuseet. The museum is today a municipally owned museum with a focus on fashion, design and arts and crafts. The museum opened in 1916.

Free entrance under 20 year

Mer information om Röhsska Museum

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