Gothenburg's southern archipelago

The islands of the Southern Archipelago consist of about 30 islands

Visit the islands out in the southern archipelago - close from the city center!

The islands stretch from Rivö in the north to Vrångö in the south. Some islands you only get to during the summer - if you don't have your own boat. All islands are car-free. Below we mention some of the islands in the southern archipelago.

If you are here in the summer and love the sea and small picturesque islands, don't miss going out for a visit. Of course, it's just as well to go in autumn, dress warmly and bring a thermos with hot liquid and a pair of good walking shoes. On the islands you can hike, swim, climb, dive, kayak, eat well and shop. There is something for everyone.

The largest islands are:: Brännö, Styrsö, Donsö, Vrångö och Asperö. Some of the others are: Köpstadsö, Stora Förö, Knarrholmen, Kallö, Kårholmen, Vargö, Sjumansholmen.

To get out to the islands, you must go to Saltholmen. You can do this either by tram or by car. When you arrive, you can choose several different boat lines depending on where you want to travel. On the ferry you can take your bike with you if you want. Use your travel pass for Gothenburg Region's bus and tram traffic.

The whole year: Throughout the year, Västrafik operates several different lines out to different islands from Stenpiren. Line: 282,283,284. The boat out to Brännö Brygga is operated by Styrsöbolaget in June - August.

Brännö the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


At Brännö you will find Brännö Värdshus, the inn is located on Husviksvägen. The house is very beautifully decorated in true carpentry style. On the island you will find a cafe, bakery, guesthouse "Baggen", Brännö trade, fish shop and flower shop. The island is car-free, you can rent bicycles.

There are several bathing spots such as: Husvik, Gröndal and Vassdal. In the northwest you will find a child-friendly beach - Vassdals. There are also many good fishing spots - bring your fishing rod.

Lasse Dahlqvist (Gothenburg's famous vis composer) was born on the island. Brännö's landscape consists of some mountains and deep valleys - the island is therefore quite hilly. There are many nice paths to walk on. Many of the houses on Brännö are from the 18th and 19th centuries.

You can go over to Galterö, which belongs to Brännö.

History: Throughout history, Brännö has been an important meeting place for chiefs, sailors and kings. For several hundred years, Brännö was a borderland between Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Not to be forgotten - Dancing at Brännö Brygga (Husvik - on the south side). In the summer - get out to the jetty and swing your furries. In summer, live music is played with lovely tones.

Styrsö the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


On Styrsö you will find a bank, cafe, church, restaurant, home village museum, mini golf, post office, guest house, etc..

It's all cozy to walk on Styrsö among both old turn-of-the-century houses and newly built villas. You can't avoid the pack mopeds that simmer around the island. Cars may not be used on the island.

If you want to swim, you can go to the bathing areas Brattenbadet, Uttervik and Amnevik - (sandy beach, jetty). There are several different ancient remains and also some Stone Age settlements and some graves from the Bronze Age.

Walk for about 20 minutes from Bratten via Styrsö church village, then you will come to absolutely wonderful lake cabins in Hallsvik. Walk a while for about a quarter of an hour and you will come to densely populated areas on Styrsö Tången. If you want to go a little off in Styrsö, go to Styrsö Skäret.

You can arrive at Styrsö at three different locations: Styrsö Tången, Styrsö Bratten and Styrsö Skäret.

There is a bridge to Donsö. The ferry between Saltholmen and Styrsö takes about 20 minutes.

Donsö the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


If you want to take a dip - go to Lökholmen and Korsholmen. From Donsö you can get to Styrsö via a bridge.

Here you will find restaurants, kiosk, ceramic shop, smokehouse, foot clinic, pizzeria, bank, guest port, shop, Bed & Breakfast, mini golf, etc. For those who want to hike, you can get to the lands around the northern part of the island and at the bottom of the southern part.

From Radarberget you have a fantastic view.

The ferry between Saltholmen and Donsö takes about 15 minutes.

Vrångö the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


The island is known for its fine beaches. The island is partly a nature reserve. Here there is a guest port, shop, hostel, restaurant, kiosk and a cafe.

Here you will find beautiful loops for walking, both a little longer and shorter, depending on whether you are in the southern or northern part. If you like birds - take the northern walking loop that leads past the area, Brevik.

If you want to see a Bronze Age cairn, take the southern hiking trail - you pass a cairn that is 17 x 12 meters. According to legend, it is a burial place for a Bronze Age chieftain.

Should you go for a swim - go to the southern part, to Nøtholmen, which has a nice beach. If you want lovely sandy coves - head to the southeast where you will find lovely sand.

It takes about 50 minutes to get here from Salholmen.

Asperö the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


Here you will find a port, shop, local museum, sea shacks, etc. Here you can walk around in slightly different places. Follow the walking loop "Slingan" where you will come to the bathing area Kvistevik and the view mountain Valen. From "Valen" you get a fantastic view of the north and south of the archipelago and Gothenburg's harbor entrance.

You can walk on a scenic walking loop around the outer areas of the island. The swimming area is on the north-eastern side of the island.

Travel time approx. 9 minutes to Asperö Östra and 12 minutes to Asperö Norra from Saltholmen..

Köpstadsö the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


This small, beautiful island is a bit special - here you are not allowed to cycle (at least not during the summer) or drive a moped. What do you use instead - wheelbarrows.

When you arrive you see rows of wheelbarrows. They are not for public use but belong to every family on the island. There are a couple of tractors on the island but that's about it. If you want to get away from car noise - this is where you should go. Most families live on the island all year round. Those who lived here in the past were, among other things, small farmers and schooners who shipped goods along the coasts - also to foreign countries such as Germany and Denmark.

If you want to get to steep cliffs - walk west.

Stora Förö the southern archipelago in Gothenburg

Stora Förö

This island is only inhabited during the summer and is privately owned. There are several summer cottages on the island.

On Lilla Förö, which is connected via an isthmus, there are no buildings at all. What you can see on Lilla Förö, however, are old house foundations which unfortunately cannot be confirmed from which era they come from, perhaps between 1559-1589, 1660-1670 or 1752-1802. On Stora Förö you will find ancient remains so-called "mounds" - you will find them at the top of the "lookout".

Stora Förö has a stone jetty that is next to a party place. There is also a beach pavilion and a pavilion. If you want to swim, you can stop where Styrsöbolaget docks, there is a bathing cove.

Travel time approx. 20 minutes from Saltholmen.

Knarrholmen the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


Knarrholmen is uninhabited in winter. It was this island that Götaverken's owner, Axel Axelsson, bought for SEK 50,000 and then gave it to his workshop workers. It was leased plots that applied. Now it is owned, among other things, by IF Metall Göteborg and the Handelsanställdas confederation in Gothenburg.

You can take a day here when the weather is nice and just go swimming. Goes a few trips during the summer. There is a swimming area by the waiting hall, it is child-friendly and there are jetties with jumping towers.

The journey here takes about 20 minutes from Saltholmen.

Kårholmen the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


Kårholmen is located between Donsö, Vrångö and Sjumansholmen and is a summer cottage island.

The island's history is that poor workers rented the island from August Viberg and from the 1930s onwards, the majority of summer cottages were built on the island. Today the island is owned by those who live there.

At the jetty is a child-friendly swimming beach.

The journey here takes about 35 minutes from Saltholmen.

vargö the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


The island is a nature reserve. Here you can walk around and swim and fish. The island is very hilly with many mountains.

You will find a swimming area with a beach at Bälviken. Of course, you can also find your own bathing spot by a cliff.

The journey here takes about 40 minutes from Saltholmen.

sjumansholmen the southern archipelago in Gothenburg


Sjumansholmen is located between Styrsö, Kårholmen and Vrångö.

There are several summer cottages on the island. Until 1935, the island was used for summer activities for children's colonies. The communist workers' commune leases the island from Gustav Olsson.

The journey here takes about 35 minutes from Saltholmen.

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