Röda Sten Art Gallery

Contemporary art at Klippan

You will find Röda Sten under the Älvsborg Bridge

Röda Sten Konsthall is a place for contemporary art. Here you can experience exhibitions, performances, lectures and workshops. In the exhibition rooms, you can see both national and international artists who show everything from painting, to photography, video and sound art, performance and installations.

Programs with different workshops and screenings with different orientations take place here.

Röda Sten

You cou can get to Röda Sten from a few different directions. Here you can walk around the area and look out over the harbor entrance. You pass, among other things, Restaurant Sjömagasinet, hotel Quality Hotel Waterfront and a small marina for veteran boats.

The building was built in 1940 on the site where, among other things, The Carnegie mills (making sugar and porter) existed at this time. The house was then a heating center "Pannhuset". Here, fires were made with coal and wood chips that were stored in large containers on the roof, which are still in the exhibition space on the second floor.

During the 80s, the building was completely abandoned and here young people gathered to have parties and started painting graffiti on the walls. On the back there is still a lot of graffiti. In the 90s, Kulturprojektet Röda Sten was formed to preserve the house and use it for some form of cultural activity. It succeeded - in 2000 the house was completely renovated to its present condition..

Summer at Red Stone
During the summer, Röda Sten usually has creative activities and children of different ages can, together with their art educators, experiment with different materials.

The area around Red Stone
Around Röda Sten Art Gallery there are remains from the Stone Age and here you will find e.g. the medieval remains from the old Älvsborg fortress. When the East Indiaman sailed in the 18th century, it was moored and towed here. During the 19th century when the Scots came to Gothenburg, they built up a small community here with e.g. an own church and school around the then well-known company Carnegie

Feel free to visit their restaurant and during the summer you can sit outside and look out over the Göta Älv and get a fantastic view of the Älvsborg Bridge from below.

Some other nice information

The red stone
What is it really about the red painted stone? Is there any history surrounding it? There are actually three legends. The stone has been known since the year 1758. You will find it a bit away from the Red Stone house down by the water's edge where you have a beautiful view out to the open sea in one direction and Gothenburg in the other.

- that a Swedish officer had been killed there and that his blood splashed over the stone. This must have taken place in connection with a Danish landing.

- that a ship was saved from a storm by touching the rock.

- that the stone has only been a nautical mark for navigation.

Röda Sten
Address: Röda Sten 1, 414 51 Gothenburg.


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