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Visit Liseberg Amusement park in central Gothenburg.

Liseberg is a wonderful place to visit in the summer and also during the Christmas season in December. The rides are many and for those of you who do not want to ride, there are beautiful flower arrangements in the summer and in winter the whole of Liseberg is lit up by almost 5 million lights. The music scene is also filled with interesting artists. This is the place for everyone, old and young! In 2023, Liseberg will be 100 years old. In the year 2023, a new attraction opens in Luna Park, Luna, a boomerang roller coaster.

Another big news in 2023 is Liseberg's new hotel, Grand Curiosa Hotel - that opened in April 2023.

Pre-booking of admission is required.

Open Summer Season: April 20 - Sep 22, 2024
Halloween: Oct 6 - Nov 5, 2023
Christmas at Liseberg: Nov 18 - Dec 3, 2023

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Luna Park 2022 Liseberg

Luna Park

Luna Park is the area up on the mountain. Today, Barnens Paradis, AeroSpin and Blomsterkarusellen are already in place. During the year 2022, two new attractions openedwill be ready in the area - Turbo & Tempus. During the year 2023, you can also ride the new attraction - Luna. The attraction is a so-called boomerang roller coaster, where the guest goes first forwards and then backwards, over 225 meters of rails. Sounds really exciting. Photo: Liseberg

Turbo attraktion Liseberg 2022


An attraction about 8 meters high. Opens 2022. an interactive ride where you can take a seat in the sidecar on a motorcycle and you decide when and how much you should ride around and up or down again. Photo: Liseberg

Tempus attraktion 2022 Liseberg


In this new attraction from 2022, the four axes rotate around and up and down! There will be speed and fan. Photo: Liseberg

Valkyria Liseberg attraction Gothenburg


Valkyria is Europe's longest Dive Coaster - a roller coaster with a vertical drop of 50 meters. Just as you are about to cross the edge, the ride is paused, before you fall straight into an underground tunnel. Valkyria started in 2018 at Liseberg.

Loke at Liserberg in Gothenburg


Inside the Balder area you will find "Loki". It's a pendulum and twice as tall as Spinrock was. It will be 27 meters high (maximum height on the gondola 42 m) and has a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Loki started in 2017 at Liseberg.

Aerospin Liserberg Gothenburg


70 meters above sea level, you can control your own aircraft however you want. AeroSpin is a 35 meter high rotating tower with twelve arms and on each arm are two aircraft. The aircraft has two levers, one for each wing, the pilot can then control the aircraft himself and make it rotate sideways around its own axis. Aerospin started in 2016 at Liseberg.

Liseberg Amusement Park

Before Liseberg was built, a lot had happened on the site. At first it was simply green pastures for cows, horses and sheep! After that, it was thought that the area had good soil for growing tobacco, so that was it.

When did Liseberg open
When Gothenburg celebrated its 300th anniversary in 1923, the Liseberg area opened. Then you could take a cable car from the exhibition at Götaplatsen over to Liseberg. In 2013, Liseberg celebrated 90 years.

Who bought the area where Liseberg is located?
Staden växte och runt omkring skapades fler gator och trafiken ökade. De rika sökte efter landet igen...och ville komma ut till grönska och odla sin egen lilla lott. Lisebergsområdet blev då som dagens kolonilotter, de uppdelas i olika små lotter - de delades in i morgnar - ett område stort att plöja under en morgon.

In 1740, councilor Jacob Bratt took over the "area". The mornings and the tobacco were left. Now the first buildings on the site were built. After Jacob Bratt's death, the successful merchant Johan Anders Lamberg took over the area.

Why is it called Liseberg?
Johan Lamberg loved gardens and his wife Elisabeth Söderberg. The word Liseberg comes from Johan's wife's name, when Johan named the area Lisa's mountain - eventually Liseberg. He also built a house for her - Landeriet Before the city of Gothenburg bought the park, there have been 6 different owners after the Lambergs family. One owner - used the park as a base for a huge smuggling operation. Precious materials were collected from various areas and later hidden in selected places in the park. Wondering if there is anything left today ........

Liseberg Helix. Sourch: Youtube.

Christmas at Liseberg started in 2000 and now it's a sensation! The whole of Liseberg is lit up by millions of Christmas lights. Fantastically beautiful. Come here and eat gingerbread and drink mulled wine and stroll around and feel the Christmas peace, take a skating trip, listen to Christmas carols, eat christmas food and much much more. In 2016, there were three new attractions in the area where the Ferris wheel stood and all around up on the hill. The new area up on the hill was named "Lisebergs Trädgårdar" with beautiful plantings and lush green areas. To get there, a new serpentine path has been built. AeroSpin is on site and for the youngest children: The Flower Carousel and the Children's Paradise. (free for children). For the slightly younger children, there is an imaginative playground "BarnensParadis" and the two-story carousel "Blomsterkarusellen". The old-fashioned Whirlwind has also been refreshed.

Trip to Liseberg with Paddan
It is possible to go with Christmas Paddan into Liseberg. A cozy tour with a guide through a Christmas-decorated Gothenburg. The tours are open depending on wich weather it is or other resaons.

Halloween started in 2015 at Liseberg for the first time. Since then, the event has grown every year and is a very popular visit during the autumn.

The area in the park is especially for the slightly smaller children. Kaninlandet opened in 2013 and is growing all the time. In 2020, it was the premiere for Wonderland - where you can see the world of Liseberg rabbits underground. With the opening of Wonderland, Liseberg opened a "virtual queue" for the first time. Via an app, visitors can book an appointment when they are to visit the attraction. Instead of standing in line, you can play during the time before you go on your turn.

Hotell - Grand Curiosa Hotell
The hotel started construction in 2019 and will be ready and open in April 2023. They are an imaginative family hotel with a slide from the second floor right down to the lobby. There is also a pony carousel from 1923 in the restaurant. The water park with beaches and swimming - "Oceana" opens spring 2024.

Address: Entrance from Örgrytevägen and from Södra Vägen.

Balder Liseberg


Do not miss the wooden roller coaster. The course is built as an eight with three floors. Balder has twice, in 2003 and 2005, been named the best wooden roller coaster in the world in a major international competition. Balder started in 2003 at Liseberg.

Helix roller coaster Liseberg


Helix station building is located where the Maxxima cinema used to be and it has a top speed of 100 km / h. It is the longest and fastest roller coaster in Scandinavia. For those of you who like to hang upside down, it will take place at seven different places in the loop and you will also experience so-called. air time - a feeling of weightlessness. Helix started in 2014 at Liseberg.

Mechanica attraction Liseberg


A completely unique attraction that has never been seen before at Liseberg. It brings to mind the Middle Ages and Leonardo Da Vinci's inventive creations. Here you spin 360 degrees high in the air (30 m), while traveling in a pendulum-like motion. Mechanica started in 2015 at Liseberg.

Boka Paddan Christmas Tour

The Christmas Paddan with entry to Christmas at Liseberg

A winter sightseeing tour with Paddan to Liseberg and admission is included in the price (if you buy that type of ticket). If you do not buy a ticket including entrance to Liseberg, you need to show a valid entrance ticket to Liseberg when boarding. Before the trip, mulled wine and gingerbread are served.

The ticket includes a boat trip, mulled wine and gingerbread.

Season: Nov 25 - Dec 3, 2023
Departs: Kungsportsplatsen Time: 40 min


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