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Marstrand is located about 45 km north of Gothenburg. If you go by car, park your car and drive over via a passenger ferry that only takes a few minutes. Of course you can go here all year round. Bring some coffee or visit the café and sit and look out over the sea. In the middle of the summer, you can take a boat to Marstrand from Lilla Bommen. The fortress is open all year round, guided tours June-Aug.

The island has beautiful white wooden houses with cobblestones and cozy shops that opens in the summer. The town of Marstrand has history from the 13th century. Visit Carlsten's Fortress (1658) and feel the wings of history. Don't miss Lasse Maya's story and about Metta Fock, the only female prisoner on the fortress.

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All-day cruise to Marstrand

In the summer you can go to Marstrand on a 3 hour tour. The boat arrives to Marstrand and you have just over a 1 hour to walk around the island. You choose to buy a tour or return ticket or a single ticket.

The boat trip suits you who do not feel like taking the bus or car to Marstrand. At the same time, you get a lovely guided boat trip to Marstrand island. Enjoy some refreshments, sandwiches and snacks that you buy on board. On the journey from Marstrand to Gothenburg, you can book a west coast buffet.

Season: not during 2024
Depart: Lilla Bommen Time to destinations: 3 tim


During the summertime idyllic Marstrand are full of tourists, both on the island and around the water there are full of sailors. The island belongs to the municipality of Kungälv and located on the two islands Ko Island and Marstrand Iland. You can get to Marstrand Island via a passenger ferry which only takes a few minutes (car is prohibited on the island.)

History - 1658 - Carlstens Fortress construction begins.
In the 1100s, Harald Gille King of Norway (1103- 1136) started to build a monastery on the island of Marstrand. The town Marstrand was founded by King Håkon Håkonsson around the 1200's.

Around 1449, it was the Danish King Christian I who was elected King of Norway in Marstrand. It was not until 1658 that Marstrand became part of Sweden in connection with the Peace of Roskilde. That same year, Carl began to built the fortress.

What is happening on the island?
You can stay overnight on the island throughout the year at Carl's Fortress and other hotels on the island. Each year there is Carlstens annual Fortress Games, Marstrand Big Boat Race and the Art Walk. At Easter there is always the Easter bonfire and lots of events for children. It is said that Easter is the starting point for Marstrand for spring / summertime.

Some fun tip
Walk on the island of Marstrand and Ko island. On the island of Marstrand is a path around the island. On Ko island there are three different routes, a black (a little more advanced trail), a blue (easy trail with views over the North Sea) and the last goes on wider roads through settlements.

Address: Departs from: Lilla Bommen (in front of Skanskaskrapan, Lipstick)

Boka en tur till Marstrand med måltid

All-day cruise to Marstrand with food

Go on a full day cruise to Marstrand. You make a stop at Källö-Knippla of about (30 mins) which includes a guided walk. When you arrive at Marstrand you will also go on a guided tour. At the rut, you can enjoy a Swedish fika/coffe buffe and back to Gothenburg you will enjoy a west coast buffet of seafood.

This ticket includes boat ride, guided hikes, snack buffet, and the west coast buffet.

Season: not during 2024
Depart: Lilla Bommen Time: 7 tim

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