Carl Mille's Greek god on Avenyn

The Sea god in Greek mythology

At the top from Avenyn at Götaplatsen you will find him standing naked and with a small shy look looking down, Gothenburg's Poseidon. When Poseidon was finished on Götaplatsen, the people thought it was a bit embarrassing that he was naked .... but today we do not think about it at all. Yes, our acceptance seems to change over time.


He loves to be photographed from all angles and stands here both summer and winter. In the summer he cools off in the fountain and in the winter he freezes his butt a little ....... Poseidon is a sea god in Greek mythology and where he does not fit better than in the port city of Gothenburg. Sailors often prayed to Poseidon for a calm sea.

When the city was to celebrate its 300th anniversary in 1923, it was thought that Götaplasten, but such a central role, needed some work of some kind. What to do ...... But before the exhibition, they did not have time to do more than build a temporary wooden well. The bronze well that stands there today did not come on plastic until a few years later, 1927. Around the tub you see tritons, najads and fish.

When did Poseidon arrive??
Carl Mille's Poseidon came into place in the tub in 1931. He is 7 meters tall and the tub around him is 120 cm high. In addition to Poseidon, there are 6 smaller sculptures in the tub. Poseidon is cast at Herman Bergmans Konstgjuteri.

What can you find more on the site?
Around Poseidon you have more famous places in Gothenburg: Stadsteatern, Konstmuseet, Konserthuset and Konsthallen are some of them.

The student
In summer you can see the students take a dip in the tub.

Who was the model for Poseidon's face is speculated as to whether it could be Axel Romdahl or director Knut Ström. Sometimes you can even see Poseidon dressed in different clothes.

Poseidon is seven meters high and stands on a snail-shaped elevation in the manhole. Just above the surface, in the well there are algae, fish, crab, lobster, corals, snails and mussels. In the left hand, Posiedon holds a snail in and in the right hand, Poseidon holds a water-spraying fish. On his head he has a stylized mussel. In the well there are six smaller sculptures and reliefs, tritons, najads, fish and mermaids.

Address: Götaplatsen 4, 412 56 Gothenburg

Map - Poseidon