Fun for kids in Gothenburg

Everything from playgrounds to culture

What is there to do with the children in Gothenburg?

There is a lot to discover and invent in Gothenburg together with your children. Why not visit a museum, go to Liseberg in the summer, Christmas and Halloween, go to the Toad, go to the Universeum, or why not simply go to a place where you can play - a playground - even fun for the adult in Gothenburg?

Below we suggest some goodies that the children can do in Gothenburg.



Here are seven floors with different exciting things. Why not watch sharks in the aquarium hall, or take a trip into space, walk in the rainforest and watch birds and other small nice animals. If the small children can not walk anymore, take the elevator to the ground floor where there is a small playground with various toys. There are also toilets. The place is called Jobbis.

Did you know that Universeum is the Nordic region's largest science center. Universeum's mission is to positively influence children's and young people's attitudes to science, technology and mathematics. If you have not been here - we can warmly recommend that you go here. You can come here all year round! There is plenty to see for children of all ages.

Children under 3 enter free. There is a café and restaurant.

Address: Located not far from Liseberg Södra vägen 50 (Korsvägen)

We have tested Universeum with a 3 year old girl. She digged the "sharks" and the monkeys in the rainforest, the birds were like that ... the stairs and the elevators were fun. But what was the most fun do you think? the playground on the ground floor. Tip: bring a pair of slippers for the kids if you are here in the winter. Would have liked to have seen that it was not so expensive to enter.

Gothenburg City Library

Gothenburg City Library

Here, the young children can have a pleasant time on the ground floor of the library. In the "Children's Department" there is a space for the little ones & quot; Miini & quot; (0-5 years) which is covered by a lovely carpet. Here you will find Barbapappa, little Miss Anna etc where you will find the corresponding books that you want to borrow! A smart way for both children and adults to find the right books.

There are also some small tables where you can sit down and read a book. There are also toys and various games. For story time and a bit of theater, there is a cozy room but a lovely starry sky. The parents can sit and cuddle on the lovely sofa. Note! you have to take off your shoes of course.

There is pram parking, safe, changing room. There is also a café and here you can also eat takeaway food.

Address: Götaplatsen 3
Gothenburg City Library


The World Culture Museum

For the small children, various offerings are presented continuously, cosiness, song, dance and crafts. The museum itself is aimed at the older audience with various exhibitions and events. Current issues in the world are presented at the museum. For the youngest children, various events are presented during the year, such as more mosaics where the children can explore mosaics etc." every other Friday.

Do not miss the exhibition: "Tillsammans". The exhibition raises questions about the wonderful and difficult to live with others. Feel free to take a look the kids Web Museum where you can follow the rat Mimus. Here you have the opportunity to print out dolls and some other exciting activities.

You will find a restaurant and a small shop.

Address: Södra Vägen 54 (behind Universeum)
The World Culture Museum



One of the children's favorite places during the summer. Go carousels and roller coasters. Here you will find Flying Elephants, the Pony Carousel and the Radio Cars and much more. Take a break and eat popcorn, ice cream or spun sugar. If you want to compete, there are lots of different games here.

For the little ones there are Kaninlandet. In Rabbitland (Kaninlandet) there is a completely own house "Busshållsplatsen" where the children can climb, ride slides, walk on suspension bridges etc. Take a boat trip in the rabbit trip, pedal a car in the rabbit country track, ride the big or small roller coaster.

Liseberg suitable for children of all ages. For the older children, age + length applies to certain rides. You see a sign next to the respective ride. You can also try your luck on the many wheels of fortune, here you can win chips, biscuit chocolate, stuffed animals and other toys. The park has several different cafes, kiosks and restaurants. You can also buy souvenirs in their shops.

Address: Main Entrance, Örgrytevägen 5.
Season: Summertime : Apr-Okt. Halloween: Oct. Christmas Openinge hours: Nov-Dec.

We have tried Kaninlandet with a 3-year-old. She had super fun, ran and climbed and rode a roller coaster ... was almost hard to keep up with. Tip: Write phone numbers on your child's arm, put them on a reflective vest or happy colors so you can quickly see where your child is. In Kaninlandet they can easily run away....

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Free admission and sightseeing:

Paddan tour

Goteborg Museum

Bohus Fortress


Gunnebo House

Boat- and Bus tours

Maritime Museum Aquarium

Maritime Museum Aquarium

NOTE! The museum is closed for renovation - Opens on December 10, 2022.
Feel free to follow the new construction on their website. The museum will get a real boost with a new entrance and the new Aquarium will be in front of the museum - underground. It will be twice as big with ten times as much water in it..

The museum has a café. Free admission under 20 years.

Tip: Buy an annual ticket that is valid for 4 museums in Gothenburg: Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg City Museum, Maritime Museum Aquarium, Röhsska Museum.

Address: Karl Johansgatan 1-3
Maritime Museum Aquarium

Gothenburg City Museum

Gothenburg City Museum

The museum is aimed at older children with a history of Gothenburg from the past. Very interesting to see what Gothenburg looked like in the 18th century, for example. Here are most of the memories from the past.

For the little ones there are Kids museum. Here you will find a small tram, climbing wall, tunnels and soft bricks to build with. Adjacent to the playroom there is also the opportunity to heat food in the microwave and sit down in peace and quiet at their table and chairs

Free admission under 20 years. Café available.

Tip: Buy an annual ticket that is valid for 4 museums in Gothenburg: Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg City Museum, Maritime Museum Aquarium, Röhsska Museum..

Address: Norra Hamngatan 12 (Nära Brunnsparken and Gustav Adolfs Torg)
Gothenburg City Museum

Plikta Slottsskogen

Slottsskogen (Kids Zoo and the playing ground Plikta)

In the spring and summer it is a lovely place to visit. In the park you can walk around and look at flowers, trees and animals. Have an ice cream and sit down and enjoy. There are playgrounds for the children and of course you can bring your own picnic basket and sit down in the green grass.

When it comes to animals, it is probably the Children's Zoo that attracts the most. In the summer, children can pet kittens and rabbits. It is also possible to ride a horse. Look at seals - walk past the seal pond and try to fit in when they are fed (at 14.00). Do the children like penguins - stay there too. If the children have more visits, they can walk past all the animals and watch moose, wolves, pigs, etc..

For play, head to the "Duty" playground. Here you will find exciting play equipment such as a fifteen meter long whale that you can climb on and ride down the slide, swings, seesaw, trampolines. There is also the possibility of sausage grilling. Staff are on site every day. Access to toilet, changing table for the little ones, in the red house. Children can also borrow bicycles./p>

For the bigger ones there is adventure golf and Frisbee golf. .

Several different cafés are located in the park. Ice cream / Sausage kiosks are available in season. .

Address: Between Linneplatsen (Museum of Natural History) and Botanical Garden

The playground Plikta gets almost full points. Good with all toys, slides, whales, small trampolines, sandpits. Great to have lawns around, proximity to buy ice cream and the opportunity to heat food and change diapers for the little ones.

Alfons Åbergs Culture House

Alfons Åbergs Culture House

In Trädgårdsföreningen you will find Alfons Kulturshus. For children between 0 to 8 years. Here the children can crawl, play, climb and do things. You recognize the environments from Gunilla Bergström's books such as Alfon's helicopter, his reading corner and living room. You also recognize the girl friend Millan, grandmother and Mållgan.

They usually have 3-4 activities per day such as story time, theater, music and children's pulse. Parents can sit in the reading corner, free access to surfing on their Wi-Fi.

There is a café and you can also heat food for the little ones. Entrance fee, free up to 2 years. Not allowed to bring a pram! Lending of baby carriers is available. You can also buy Alfon's "things" from the store. .

Address: Trädgårdsföreningen (Entrance from Drottningtorget
Alfons Åbergs Culture House

We have tested Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus with a 3-year-old. She thought it was super fun. Do you think she broke records in how many times you can ride the slide. She also liked to go by helicopter, go to the cinema and work in a grocery store. Crafting in the kitchen and calling in the phone booth was fun. On the top floor it was a little calmer where you could cuddle and read a book and play with toys. Up there was also a small cute children's toilet. Very cozy to have coffee outside on the summer overlooking the canal. We would have liked to have seen that it was not such an expensive entrance fee. Should be cheaper for parents who do not use it as much as their children.



Suitable for older children. Here you can explore all the exciting boats. The big fighter HMS Småland is really interesting and the submarine HMS Nordkaparen is exciting to step into.

There is both a café and a shop. In summer you can buy ice cream.

Tip! Tickets for adults and children are valid after purchase throughout the season so you can visit Maritman several times

Address: Packhuskajen 12

We have tested Gothenburg Maritime Museum. This time without children :). It is an interesting place for both adults and children. To walk on board Jagaren Småland and try to imagine what life on board was like. There was also some climbing down and up steep stairs. The hardest part was probably getting into the submarine. Do not understand how to work on board a submarine - fy what crowded. Very interesting.

Gothenburg Museum of Natural History

Gothenburg Museum of Natural History

Suitable for the older children, but the slightly smaller ones can also come here (around 2 years and up). It can be a little difficult for the small children to understand that they are not allowed to "pet" all the animals. The little ones can also get a little scared of the stoooora animals

Here you can see many stuffed animals from all over the world! Here are fish, crabs, look in the insect section, see the big elephant, lion, turtles, polar bears .. yes what is not there! Do not miss the big "Malmska valen".

Many stairs but there is a small elevator. A café on the ground floor and a small shop to shop in. Can sometimes be crowded in the cafe. Leave the pram outside!

Children from 6 years can join Rockklubben - invitations to various events at the museum

Address: Museivägen 10 (Slottsskogen at Linnéplatsen)
Gothenburg Museum of Natural History

We made a visit with two children of 4 years and the little girl of 2 years. Here it is stuffed animals that apply. The little one of 2 years was afraid of the big elephant and did not dare to walk past ..... She at 4 years old trained on all animal names she could. Tip: Feel free to visit the playground Plikta in Slottskogen (just below the museum) if the children need a little more running in the legs.

Slöjd Detaljers store in Eriksberg


In Slöjd-Detaljers store at Eriksbergs shopping center in Hisingen, there is something for all creatives, small and large. Large selection of materials for creative hands that are suitable for both professionals and hobby purposes. Paint, clay, pencils, pearls, wood, leather and crafts in a wonderful mix.

To make it easy to choose products, the store has put together a number of sets of products for children - usually with instructions to make it easier to get started. Then you easily fill up with your own imagination. On the website under the inspiration pages, you will find more tips and ideas for creation. The knowledgeable and helpful staff will help you and answer all questions about their products and your creative projects. Affirm both your own and the children's imagination and creativity, look at the children and wake the child within yourself - it's so much fun to create together.

During the school holidays, they usually have activities for children that are completely free when you come in adult company. Their website is updated before each event!

Address: Kolhamnsgatan 11, Eriksberg (The nearest bus stop isNordviksgatan eller Säterigatan).

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Playgrounds and playgrounds in Gothenburg

For those of you who visit Gothenburg with children, you probably know that most children want and need to play a little now and then. In Gothenburg there are many good playgrounds and playgrounds where children can play and have fun. Here you will find playgrounds that are centrally located in Gothenburg and also those a little outside the center..

Trädgårdsföreningen Göteborg

If you are in the center with children and they want to play a little, we can really recommend Trädgårdsföreningen's playground. Here is almost everything, swings, slides, seesaws, sandpits, climbing frame. The surface is made of rubber and in summer it is a little nice for the children to walk barefoot here. All around you have the park where you can relax on a blanket after all the play (summer time of course). In winter, you can bring a little something else to sit on.

Feel free to bring food or coffee from a café nearby. Inside Trädgårdsföreningen you also have a cozy café when you enter via Drottningtorget's entrance and another at the entrance via Bältespännarparken. During the summer, you can usually buy ice cream in kiosks in the park. The park is open all year round.

Address: You can enter via Slussgatan 1 (at Centralstation / Drottningtorget) and Södra Vägen (Bältespännarparken, opposite Stora Teatern)


We have made a visit with two children of almost 4 years and the little girl of 2 years. We had bad weather with sun and almost no wind. A perfect playground in the center. The swings pulled the most and of course the slides. They did not want to go home! Very good selection for the kids! The environment is also absolutely wonderful! Green area with coffee after the game .. perfect.

Färjenäsparken Hisingen
Färjenäsparken (Hisingen)

In the park is one of Hisingen's largest playgrounds. Here you will find climbing nets, a swing, a sandbox, a spinning basket, spinning cups, animal sculptures, a Native American house and a slide. For those of you who want to skate or play football, here is a football pitch, skating rinks. You can also work out here at their outdoor gym or play basketball..

The surface of the playground consists of rubber asphalt and wood chips. The playground is illuminated.

Address: Between Eriksberg and Älvsborgsbron beside the Taube shool.

Färjenäs Park

Plikta Slottsskogen
Plikta lekplats (Slottsskogen)

Here you will find a wonderful playground for the children. Climb the 15 meter long sperm whale selection, swing, slide, jump on trampolines, play chess, borrow bikes, ride a seesaw, go balance walking etc. Every day there are staff on site who lend bikes, games and organize activities for children between 6 -16 years. There is a grill where you can grill your own sausage. When it is lit, you can use it, other times - bring your own carbon and lighter fluid..

In the red house there is a microwave, a toilet and changing table for the little ones. There are also some tables to sit at.

Address: Slottsskogen (beside Gothenburg Museum of Natural History)


We have been to Lekplatsen Plikta on most occasions and highly recommend it. There are toilets, changing tables and a small cottage where you can go in and warm up in winter. There are also grills where you can grill you own food.

Exercisparken Heden
Exercisparken (Heden)

Finally a playground very centrally located in the city! A beautiful open playground with artificial grass and rubber mat. There are swings, sandpit, benches, climbing frame but unfortunately no slide (you can open the gate to the preschool that is adjacent and borrow their slide). For the older children basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, outdoor gym and adventure golf..

The kiosk is open with ice cream and other refreshments. Tip: you who want to feel a little beach feeling - sit and sunbathe on their rocking chairs.

Address: The corner Södra Vägen - Engelbrektsgatan

Lekstan Göteborg

Kids in every age can play here. The children can play around on climbing frames, jump on trampolines, crawl in secret corridors, ride a slide, throw balls in the sea of ​​balls, ride a car track and play a floor piano, etc.

Café available.

Address: Askims verkstadsväg 5, Askim

Justin Bäver lekplats Partille
Justin Bäver playground (Partille)

Come to Partille city park and play with your children. Here is a large beaver to climb on and many other things to climb on and in. Swings are also available.

Address: Gamla Kronvägen (Partille)

Justin Bäver playground

Angereds lekplats Angeredsparken
Angereds lekplats (Angered)

In Angeredsparken in Angered you will find a large playground behind Angereds Torg. Bring a picnic blanket in summer and have coffee for a while and play with mixed toys. There are slides, climbing ropes, laughing mirrors, trampolines, a large climbing frame, carousels, a couple of swings, sandpit, playhouse, cable car and giant swings.

In the summer, water is sprayed on the playground. Bring a swimsuit.

Address: between Angereds Torg and Angereds Arena

More fun for children a little outside Gothenburg

Outside central Gothenburg there are also fun places for children to visit .... yes, even for adults

Jubileumsparken Göteborg
Jubileumsparken, Frihamnen (Hisingen)

Feel free to take a look at what is happening in Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen. Usually officially opens in May but there are activities going on a bit now and then and during holidays things usually happen. During the summer, there are activities such as testing sailing, roller skating, etc. In the area you will also find a sauna that opened in 2015. You can also swim in the pool in the area. The entire swimming area will be expanded during 2022-2023 and will be a floating landscape for swimming and staying. There is also a fun climbing device "Nose in the wet"..

Address: Frihamnen

Jubileum Park

Ladan Hisings Backa
Ladan, Backa Västergård (Hisingen)

Visit the non-profit association where you can come and go as you please. The children can watch the animals found here, cows, pigs, rabbits, goats, guinea pigs and Gotland Russians. The children can also jump in "Hoppet". At special times of the year, it is usually around Valborg and once in the autumn horseback riding, fish pond, sausage grilling etc. are arranged.

There is a place for grilling and a heating cabin.

Address: Rimmaregatan 9B, Hisings Backa

Ladan Backa Västergård

Kättilsröds 4H gård
Kättilsröds 4H Gård (Hisingen)

For you who want to visit animals and get out into nature. Make a visit to Kättilsröd's 4H farm at Hisingen. Here you walk around yourself and look at the animals, cows, horses, sheep, pigs, ducks, rabbits, cats etc. Feel free to bring your own coffee or buy in their cafe (weekends self-service). On the weekends there is sometimes pony riding.

Address: Västra Tuvevägen 100

Kättilsröds 4H Gård

Lalandia Billund Danmark från Göteborg
Lalandia Billund with ferry from Gothenburg
Gothenburg - Fredrikshamn - Billund | ALl year around

Lalandia is Scandinavia's largest water park. Next door is also located LEGOLAND®. Take the ferry from Gothenburg to Fredrikshamn. Then drive about 3 hours to Billund and check in. Badland is fun for everyone. Package trip: Ferry (Stena Line) Gothenburg - Fredrikshamn, hotel Lalandia. Admission to the Aquadome water park and Monky Tonky playground is free for residents of Lalandia.

More about Lalandia

Package travel is presented in collaboration with Sembo.
Legoland Billund Danmark
LEGOLAND® Billund with ferry from Gothenburg
Gothenburg - Fredrikshamn - Billund | 1 apr - 5 nov 2023 (Christmas 2023)

All children have probably heard of it LEGOLAND® - here is all of lego! It is Denmark's most famous amusement park for families with children and children of all ages. Come here for a few days and just play. There are lots of rides here. Next door is both a zoo and a water park. Package travel: Ferry (Stena Line) Gothenburg - Fredrikshamn and your choie of hotel at LEGOLAND® Billund. You can buy an entrance ticket during your booking at Sembo, check opening hours at

More about LEGOLAND® Resort

Package travel is presented in collaboration with Sembo.

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