Gothenburg Christmas Tours 2022

Book a wonderful Christmas in the archipelago.

Christmas Tours in Gothenburg Archipelago.

Join a boat trip in the archipelago and enjoy Christmas dinner!
Book a Christmas and cozy up for Christmas in the Gothenburg archipelago. Enjoy a brunch, lunch or classic Christmas table. Enjoy the good Christmas food, herring, cold dishes and hot dishes and finally, the dessert. Outside the window it is cold and you can enjoy being inside in the heat.

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Boka biljett till klassiskt julbord i Göteborg

Classic Christmas Table at M/S Carl Michael Bellman

A classic Christmas meal is served on board M/S Carl Michael Bellman. It will be a sea-inspired Christmas table with many traditional dishes. After the meal, the delicious dessert table awaits. During the journey, Christmas music is played by a troubadour.

Season: Nov 17 - Dec 21, 2022
Time: 3 hours

Boka biljett till klassiskt julbord i Göteborg

Christmas dining with M/S Göteborg in the Archipelago – M/S Göteborg

Go with M / S Gothenburg and cuddle with a classic Christmas table. You start the evening with some mulled wine and then you enjoy Lotta Bäckström's wonderfully composed Christmas delicacies. While you eat the Christmas table, you get to listen to the ship's singing troubadour.

Season: 11 nov - 21 dec , 2022
Time: 3 hours

Boka jullunch Strömma i Göteborg

Christmas lunch with M/S S:t Erik in archipelago

Enjoy a wonderful dripping Christmas table on M / S St Erik. Suitable for those of you who find it nice to have a Christmas table at lunch. On the Christmas table you will find classic Christmas dishes such as Jansson's temptation, ribs, cold cuts and a good selection of seafood. And after the meal, the dessert table awaits with goodies such as rice a la malta, homemade chocolate truffles, white chocolate and not least Christmas sweets.

Season: back in 2023!
Time: 2, 30 min

Boka Adventsbrunch i Göteborg

Advent Brunch Cruise in Gothenburg

You are welcomed with a mulled wine when you board. Then enjoy a wonderful brunch with a Christmas table at M/S Gothenburg. The Christmas table offers well-known classics together with unique news and exciting variations of our Swedish Christmas table favorites. Suitable for those of you who like to eat Christmas dinner during lunch.

Season: Nov 19 - Dec 21, 2022
Time: 3 hours

Köp biljett till klassisk julbord

Classic Christmas dining with M/S S:t Erik in Gothenburg

Book a Christmas table on board M / S S: t Erik. At M / S S: t Erik, wonderful Christmas food is served with a Christmas buffet with traditional dishes such as meatballs, herring, salmon and more. And of course - leave some space for all the goddies on the dessert table.

Season: back 2023
Time: 3 hours

Populära Julturer hos Strömma i Göteborg
17 nov - 21 dec , 2022
Lilla Bommen Gothenburg
Köp biljett
Nov 19 - Dec 21, 2022
Lilla Bommen Gothenburg
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11 nov - 21 dec , 2022
Lilla Bommen Gothenburg
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