Seafood cruises in Gothenburg

Feast on prawns, shellfish and salmon in Gothenburg's archipelago

Tips on Prawn Cruises and Shellfish Cruises in the Gothenburg Archipelago

If you think of food from Gothenburg, then most probably think of prawns and seafood. It is very popular to go on a Shrimp Cruise or a Shellfish Cruise or as we colloquially say - take the shrimp boat.

For those of you who love shrimp, salmon, lobster and shellfish, we recommend the shrimp cruises you can go on in Gothenburg. In addition to wonderfully good food, you get a nice sight-seeing from the boat window while you eat, then feel free to go out on deck and soak up the sea air.

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Shrimp and Salmon Archipelago Cruise

Shrimp and Salmon Archipelago Cruise

On this shrimp cruise a delicious shrimp and salmon buffet is served. If you want, you can choose crayfish and lobster. The shrimp boat takes you from Lilla Bommen out into the Gothenburg archipelago for about 3 hours. During the evening cruise, you get to see Gothenburg in a beautiful light and feel the sea air when you sit on deck. There will also be entertainment on board. The boat passes the Södra Archipelago with islands such as Donsö, Styrsö and Brännö.

The price includes a welcome drink, shrimp and salmon buffet, entertainment and boat trip. (Choose lobster, freshly cooked crayfish and dessert buffet.)

Season: April 4 - Oct 26, 2024
Time: 3 hours

Köp biljett till Räkfrossa i Göteborg

Shrimp Cruise in the archipelago

This is the shrimp boat for those who want to feast on shrimp. At the table, a generous bowl of prawns and accessories such as aioli, mayonnaise, bread and butter are laid out. Peel and eat, peel and eat....when the bowl is empty, a new one comes in! After you've had enough of prawns, you can choose from the coffee and dessert buffet. A nice boat trip to enjoy with family and friends.

The price includes prawns and boat trip. (Choose freshly cooked lobsters and dessert buffet.)

Season: May 4 - Oct 26, 2024
Time: 3 hours

Boka Skaldjurskryssning i Göteborgs Skärgård

Seafood Cruise in Gothenburg

Get on board and sit down in the restaurants. A well-stocked seafood platter with dill-boiled crayfish, prawns, crab claws and wine-boiled mussels from Mollösund is served at the table. If you want lobster, this can be added to the booking. The shellfish cruise takes you through Göta Älv and Nordre Älv as well as the Björköfjord and finally through Gothenburg's lively harbor.

The ticket includes a welcome bubble, boat trip and seafood platter. (Choose for lobster and dessert buffet.)

Seson: April 19 - Sept 21, 2024
Time: 3 hours

Buy Tickets to Shrimp and Salmon Archipelago Cruise with Live Music

Shrimp and Salmon Archipelago Cruise with Live Music!

You go with M/S S:t Erik on a luxurious trip with sea food with shrimp and salmon. You get a welcome drink, there will be various salmon, shrimp and herring dishes, mussels, salads, live entertainment and an archipelago cruise.

The price includes shrimp & salmon buffet, welcome drink, live entertainment and boat trip.

Season: April 4 - Oct 26, 2024
Time: 3 hours

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Seafood cruise in Gothenburg's Archipelago
April 4 - Oct 26, 2024
Lilla Bommen Gothenburg
Köp biljett
April 19 - Sept 21, 2024
Lilla Bommen Gothenburg
Köp biljett
May 4 - Oct 26, 2024
Lilla Bommen Gothenburg
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