Parks in Gothenburg

Green parks in Gothenburg!

Stress down in a park in Gothenburg.

In Gothenburg you will find some green parks to walk around in. You will find them in a few different places in the city. In the summer you can bring a picnic basket and a blanket and if you want to be active, bring a ball or maybe a ball tree and play some fireball. Unwind in the parks and feel the calm coming.

In winter you can go into a café and warm up with some coffee or hot chocolate and look out at the terrible weather outside. Maybe there is a concert indoors or you simply put on your warm clothes and walk around and enjoy a lovely walk.

Below we suggest some parks and green areas in Gothenburg.

Slottskogen green park in Gothenburg


In Slottsskogen you will find ponds, many beautiful trees, open lawns, groves, kiosks, cafes, restaurants, beach volleyball courts, etc. You can also go up to the lookout point, Vattentornet, which is 86 m above sea level or to the old ski jump - 76 meters above the sea, where you will find another lookout point. Feel free to visit & quot; Villa Belparc & quot; for a cup of coffee or a snack. During the summer, several artists perform on their stage. In the other part of the park you can sit down at & quot; Café Björngårdsvillan.

In the park you will find linden, oak, beech, elm, ash and maple. The castle forest actually has trees that are about 200 - 300 years old. Trees or shrubs from other countries include: the swamp cypresses in the Rhododendron Valley, the two Serbian spruces in front of Tropikhuset and the Azalea Valley.

Before the park became Slottsskogen in the 1880s, it was simply a dense forest with wild animals. In the 17th century people went here to breathe and enjoy the forest. It was August Kobb who founded the park - you will find him carved in the rock below the seal dam hill. Today there are no wild animals but a small zoo where you can see moose, peacocks, sheep, pigs, horses, deer etc. Also do not miss the seal and penguin pond.

Address: At the top of Linne area

In the park you will also find: The Natural History Museum, the Observatory (where you can view the star sky), nice landscape cottages, Friluftskyrkan (summer time), golf (summer time) and a frisbee golf course. For the little ones there is a Zoo in summer time (April-Sept). You can walk around and watch sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits. There is also a cafe. Here the children can walk around and pet and feel the animals. For those who dare to ride - hop on the Gotland Russian.

Trädgårdsföreningen the green park in Gothenburg


In Trädgårdsföreningen you will find greenery with beautiful trees, individual "rooms" for some rest, restaurant, cafe, fountains etc. In the park you will find next to Lagerträdhuset, Pionrabatten. Here you will find about 30 pioneers. In Stenpartiet you will find unusual plants and shrubs. Here it blooms from early spring to late autumn. In Doftträdgården you will find herbs, lilies, herbs, etc. In front of the director's villa you can see cactus plantations.

In the park you can also see a number of sculptures - including Carl Michael Bellman, The Climber, Pan, The Bride Who Disappeared, Water Snail etc. There is also a playground that is a bit fun and ingeniously equipped. There are slides, swings and a few other goodies. You can also visit their greenhouse - with perennials, Mediterranean plants, unique roses and garden products.

For those of you who love roses, visit Rosariet. Today, there are just over 4,000 roses of 1,900 species / varieties represented in the Rosary. A delight for the eye and absolutely wonderful scents.

The Garden Association in Gothenburg was completed in 1842 and behind walls and bars became a small garden in our city. It was called the Romantic Park when it was built.

Tip! Feel free to bring a blanket and a picnic basket and take a break in the green park. If you want to eat in the park - visit their cozy restaurant. In the summer you can buy good ice cream..

Address: (2 entrances) Opposite the Stora Teatern in the center (near Avenyn) and from the other direction: next to Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus.

In the Palmhouse which was built in 1878, you can walk around in an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters of glass and cast iron. Inside the Palm House you will of course find - palm trees and banana and giant bamboo. In Kameliahuset - lilies and orchids. In the Mediterranean house - lavender, olives, dwarf palm and cacti. The birdhouse - cocoa, gourd, vanilla and papaya. The water house - the marsh plant (mangrove), giant water lilies and pineapple plants.

Göteoborgs Botaniska Trädgård Park

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

In the park you can walk around in a hilly terrain and read and look at countless plants, trees, flowers, shrubs etc. You can walk around the Japanese Valley, the Rhododendron Valley, the Perenn Garden, the Herb Garden and the Rock Garden. In the Botanical Garden you can view about 16,000 different species outdoors. About 4,000 species are grown in greenhouses.

In the park you can also look at Båtmanshuset - Blå huset from 1794 - today staff housing. The gazebo from the 18th century, Stora Änggården from 1812 - today staff housing. You can also get some food and coffee in their restaurant - the Botanical Pavilion. You can also buy plants and other goodies in their shop.

For the children there is also a playground with, among other things - chainsawed climbing sculptures in the form of dinosaurs.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden was created during Gothenburg's Jubilee Exhibition in 1923. Today it is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world and covers an area of ​​175 hectares. The name was proposed as early as 1912 and established in 1916.

Address: Södra Vägen 54 (behind Universeum)
Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Greenhouses: all greenhouses are closed for renovation. Will be ready in 2026. A tip: In the spring around Ascension Day, the handkerchief trees bloom with their white leaves. The entrance fee to the Botanical Garden of SEK 20 is voluntary.