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Have lunch, brunch or dinner in the Gothenburg archipelago!

We recommend a tour of Gothenburg's archipelago and at the same time enjoy good food. A boat trip in Gothenburg's archipelago is the highlight for many when visiting Gothenburg. There are several popular boat trips to choose from: how about a shrimp and salmon cruise, brunch buffet or lunch. There are many sightseeing tours and guided boat trips to choose from including food on the boat trip. A boat trip at the same time as a dining experience gives that little something extra.

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The tours start at the beginning of marsl and the last tour leaves at the end of October.

Many food cruises are popular so book your tickets online.

Book a Brunch Cruise in Gothenburg

Brunch Cruise in Gothenburg

Enjoy a delicious brunch onboard on Saturdays or Sundays between April - October. You are travelling in the Gothenburg archipelago on a three hour brunch cruise. The brunch s cooked on board and you can choose from salmon, herring, meatballs, salads, cheese platter and do not miss the dessert table. You look through the large panoramic windows of the ground floor and do you want to go out - go up on the sun deck and enjoy the view.

Ticket includes boat trip and buffet.

Season: March 3 - Oct 27, 2024
Departs from: Lilla Bommen, at noon Time: 3 hours

Book a ticke to shrimpt and salmon cruise in Gothenburg

Shrimp & Salmon Cruise in Gothenburg!

Do you love shrimp, go on a shrimp and laxbuffe boat trip and at the same time enjoy the archipelago of Gothenburg. While you are enjoying your meal, a troubadour will play some music. The boat passes the southern archipelago, islands Donsö, Styrsö and Brännö.

The price includes welcome cocktail drink, shrimp and laxbuffé, entertainment and boattrip.

Season: April 4 - Oct 26, 2024
Time: 3 hours

Boka en sommarbrucnh i Göteborg

Summer Brunch with a stop at Brännö

New for this year is the summer brunch with Strömma. You eat a brunch buffet with classic dishes with elements of summer. There will be different kinds of herring, salads, charcuterie, freshly baked bread, etc. After the meal you go ashore on Brännö and on the way back you enjoy the dessert buffet.

The ticket includes a boat trip incl. brunch buffet.

Seson: June 28 - Aug 11, 2024
Departs from: Lilla Bommen Time: 3 hours & 30 min

Köp biljett till Räkfrossa i Göteborg

Shrimp cruise in the Gothenburg archipelago!

On this tour you eat shrimp and shrimp and shrimp. Invite your friend or relative and go on a trip in the sign of the shrimp.

The price includes shrimp buffet and boat trip.

Season: May 4 - Oct 26, 2024
Time: 3 hours

Buy ticket for Dinner Cruise with Troubadour

Archipelago Cruise with a Troubadour!

On this trip there will be a dinner buffet from all the cuisines of the world. After dinner, you can taste the delicious dessert. A troubadour also plays on the tour and that makes it extra atmospheric.

The price includes Dinner & dessert buffet, entertainment and boat trip.

Season: April 18 - Nov 1, 2024
Time: 3 hours

Dinner Cruise in Gothenburg

Dinner Cruise around Hisingen

Take a guided tour around Hisingen on this 4 hour tour. Order something to eat from the a la carte menu. All food is prepared on board. The tour takes you out of the Nordre River water on to Björkö Fjord and back to the port of Gothenburg.

Ticket includes two course dinner, audio guide and boat tour.

Season: April 19 - Sept 21, 2024
Time: 4 hours

All-day Cruise to Martstrand

All-day cruise to Marstrand

Go on a full day cruise to Marstrand. You make a stop at Källö-Knippla of about (30 mins) which includes a guided walk. When you arrive at Marstrand you will also go on a guided tour. At the rut, you can enjoy a Swedish fika/coffe buffe and back to Gothenburg you will enjoy a west coast buffet of seafood.

This ticket includes boat ride, guided hikes, snack buffet, and the west coast buffet.

Season: back 2024
Time: 7 hours

Dinner Cruise of Gothenburg

Dinner Cruise in the Archipelago of Gothenburg

Enjoy a 3-hour tour on this West Coast evening aboard M / S Carl Michael Bellman. You are welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and then dinner is served down a flight of stairs into the dining room. You can choose between fish, meat and vegetarian. During your dinner, you pass Gothenburg's southern archipelago outside the windows. (Styrsö, Donsö and Brännö).

The ticket includes boat trip, 1 glass of sparkling wine, buffet and a main course. Dessert buffet can be booked as an option.

Season: back 2024
Time: 3 hours

Book Archipelago Tour with lunch

Archipelago Tour with lunch

Go on a lunch cruise (herring buffet) in Gothenburg archipelago. You go from Lilla Bommen out past Älvsborg Fortress and then steers the boat to Gothenburg archipelago. Want to switch herring buffe the some other food - thats no problem! The tour is guided. Do not miss a lunch out in the Gothenburg archipelago.

The ticket includes boat trip and buffet.

Season: March 2 -Oct 27, 2024
Time: 2,30 hours

Seafood Cruise in Gothenburg

Seafood cruise in Gothenburg

On board the boat, a table appears with lovely delights from the sea. How about seafood such as shrimp, dill cooked sea lobster, wine cooked mussels and crab claws. Of course, oysters and lobster are also served on the menu. During the journey, the archipelago passes outside the window. You pass among other things During the tour we pass well-known islands such as Styrsö, Donsö and Brännö.

Book well in advance of departure:: 2 days before departure, the booking is closed.

Seson: April 19 - Sept 21, 2024
Time: 3 hours

Book Guided boat tour to Vinga with lunch

Guided boat excursion to Vinga with lunch

Take a trip to Vinga and enjoy a lunch on board. Your guide will tell you about what you pass during your trip to Vinga. When you arrive at Vinga you have about 1 hour to explore the island. Easy route takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Bring your bathing suit in case you want to take a swim.

Vinga has been a nature reserve since 1987.

Season: June 28 - Sept 1, 2024
Time: 4.5 hours

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