Gothenburg Brunch Cruise

Brunch in the archipelago.

Eat brunch in the Gothenburg archipelago!

Enjoy a good brunch on a boat trip in the Gothenburg archipelago. All fresh ingredients are delivered the same morning and then cooked on the boat. Join a very popular food cruise in Gothenburg. You can go on a brunch cruise from March to October! Do not miss to make room for the delicacies on the dessert table.

The brunch cruise is presented in collaboration with Strömma.

The brunch cruise is very popular, feel free to book your tickets online.

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Brunch Cruise

Book a trip on a cozy brunch cruise on board M / S Gothenburg. After brunch you can sit on the upper deck lounge and feel the wind and the sun in your face and look out over the sea. Do not miss the delicacies on the dessert table. The brunch is served with inspiration from the sea, how about salmon, the archipelago's classic herrings for homemade meatballs, cheese platter and beautiful and fresh salads.

The ticket includes a boat trip incl. brunch buffet.

Season: April 2 - Oct 30, 2022
Departs: differnt days in the week Time: 3 hours

Feel free to watch the film about the brunch cruise in the Gothenburg Archipelago

Brunch Cruise in Gothenburg
Go on a wonderful trip by boat and eat good fresh food on your trip with all the delicacies from brunch. Watch the film about the brunch cruise in Gothenburg.

Brunch Cruise in Gothenburg archipelago
Mars 5 - Oct 30, 2022
Lilla Bommen Gothenburg
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