Amphibious Bus Sightseeing Tour in Gothenburg

Bus and Boat at the same time!

The bus that turns into a boat in the water!

You can feel safe in the bus boat. It is inspected twice a year both as a bus and a boat - It is completely tight and consists of 80% aluminum. It is certified by the Swedish Transport Agency. The car is rinsed off every night and if you are interested in the car brand, we can inform you that it is a Volvo. Other safety inside the vehicle are life jackets, lifebuoys, a life raft, emergency rockets and fire extinguishers.

Now back to the actual trip with the amphibious bus which is absolutely fantastic fun and different. The bus boat takes you past several different sights in the city, such as Poseidon and Älvsborgsbron.

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Amphibious Bus Gothenburg

Try a ride with the amphibious bus in Gothenburg. How about a trip with the bus that turns into a boat a little later in the trip. The bus takes you past several famous sights on land and then the bus goes down into the water. The first amphibious bus took a trip in Stockholm in 2014 and in 2019 it was time in Gothenburg.

You pass several famous attractions in Gothenburg. Guided tour included.

Season: spring - end of Sept and during December.
Time: 60 min - 75 min

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Amphibious Bus in Gothenburg
Feel free to watch the film about what it is like to go on a trip with the Amphibious Bus in Gothenburg. A bus turns into a boat!

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Paddan tour


Bohus Fortress


Gunnebo House

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